Stages of Learning

A unique feature of a Genazzano education is the Stages of Learning structure, rather than the traditional primary and secondary model.

In such a construct, students are able to chart and celebrate the various levels of education inspired by a wide range of opportunities. At each stage of learning, students participate in programs that are stage and age appropriate.

Early Learning Centre
(3 & 4 year old, co-educational kindergarten program)

Early Years

Middle Years
(Years 5-8)

Making Connections
(Year 9)

Later Years
(Years 10-12)

The learning and teaching programs at Genazzano are designed to give students the opportunity to grow, develop, and excel.

The College believes that learning should be engaging, challenging, interesting and, above all, fun. Students are encouraged to dream large, be confident in all that they do and, most importantly, allow their passion for learning to grow and develop at every opportunity.