Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at Genazzano promotes the development of creative thinking, communication and problem solving skills across all areas of our curriculum. The College recognises that literacy is no longer restricted to traditional forms of reading and writing. Our approach to literacy and numeracy is now multi-faceted to incorporate the multiple digital environments in which we live.


Students use a variety of digital devices and applications to produce artefacts that demonstrate their learning across a number of subject areas. Coding and algorithmic thinking are part of the College curriculum from the Early Years onwards, with a variety of age and stage appropriate computer languages and approaches used from Prep onwards.

Information Technology is offered at the College as an area of study in Year 9-12. Studying IT encourages participation by girls in the IT industry, in an effort to increase representation of women in the IT work force.


GenTech, our co-curricular IT program, is offered throughout the year for students in Year 5-12.

Cyber Safety

Genazzano FCJ College is an authorised eSmart school. This means the use of social media platforms and cloud based sharing technologies by students, is guided by and informed by Cyber Safety principles described on the eSmart Schools website.

In addition to this, the College’s GenSTAR program plays a significant role in raising awareness about Cyber Safety.

For further information about Cyber Safety, refer to our guidelines and recommendations about staying safe online.


Prep to Year 4

Students in the Early Years (Prep to Year 4) are currently issued with an iPad for their exclusive use in the classroom. Early Years classrooms use interactive whiteboards, Apple TV and video streaming to provide a digitally rich learning environment.

Year 5 to 6

Lower Middle Years students (Year 5-6) are provided with a parent funded Apple Mac Air notebook, which they use daily. Year 5 and 6 classrooms are equipped with interactive projectors and whiteboard painted walls. This allows the girls to collaborate using their digital devices in conjunction with the classroom technology and writable painted wall surfaces.

Year 7 to 12

From Year 7 and above, students are part of the College’s Bring Your Own Device program (BYOD). Students are able to choose a device for their studies and connect to the extensive wireless network. Currently both Mac and Windows devices are supported by the BYOD program. Students in the BYOD program have access to a loan device for a limited period if their own device requires repairs.

All classrooms are equipped with either an interactive whiteboard or a whiteboard wall and interactive projection systems or data projection facilities including high speed wireless internet access.


All students have access to the College Learning Management System (GenLMS), which is accessible on Windows, Mac and mobile platforms. Parents are also able to access GenLMS using their GenSpace account. GenLMS provides online access to all class and teaching materials.

In addition, the GenLMS facilitates the enrichment of the learning experience by providing all students with extension work and extra resources to help support what is presented in class. Students can also view their timetable and receive automatic notifications about deadlines and review feedback online across multiple devices.

Mobile Telepresence

Currently, the College's mobile telepresence solution is available for limited use by students who are unable to attend the College due to illness or events beyond their control. Mobile telepresence enables students to remotely control via a Windows or Mac laptop, iPad or iPhone device, which can see and hear what is going on in a classroom. The student can also drive the device remotely and interact with their peers.

Contact Us

For further information about ICT at Genazzano, please read the resources below or contact our Director of Information eLearning Technologies, via reception on 8862 1000.

ICT resources

Students across the College connect to the Genazzano online learning environment using a variety of digital devices.