The Senior School

The Senior School of Genazzano caters to Years 7 to 12 and encourages students to make decisions about their own learning pathways, further developing their interests and skills. At this stage of thier formal education, students are given the opportunity to explore new areas of study. It is also a time for students to strengthen their social skills and develop positive relationships with their peers and adults, both within the College and in the wider community.


The curriculum is relevant and purposeful, designed to allow students to explore issues related to health, welfare and ethics within the context of their core studies. Students are guided and encouraged to be independent learners and the establishment of sound work habits is emphasised in homeroom and in all classes.

Students are encouraged to self-monitor in order to identify their own strengths and weaknesses and, in consultation with their teachers, to continue on a pathway of learning appropriate to them. The process of personal, academic and careers exploration is the basis for informed decision-making as students make choices for VCE.

The choice of a Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) program of studies from Year 10 means that students have to make some important decisions about themselves and their future. Having been provided with a comprehensive curriculum in Years 7 to 10, which has involved a range of core and elective studies, students entering VCE begin the earnest process of refining their options for their final years of schooling, as they look forward to tertiary study, careers and future pathways.


Genazzano provides students in Years 10-12 with a variety of VCE units of study. The VCE is a single-certificate course of study usually taken over the two years of Year 11 and Year 12. To fulfil the minimum requirements of the VCE, students must satisfactorily complete 16 units of study, including:

  • three units from the English group
  • three sequences of Unit 3 and 4 studies, other than English (including VCE VET Units 3 and 4 sequences).

Our students usually elect to do more than the minimum requirements, to broaden their VCE program and subsequent career and tertiary course options. Furthermore, undertaking six Unit 3 and 4 sequences can help students gain a higher Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR). We encourage students to select a full VCE program so that they can achieve their full potential.

Some students may choose to study a Unit 1 and 2 in Year 10 or include VET studies in their program.

VET Studies

Students may also undertake VET studies as part of their overall VCE program. VCE VET units may only contribute the maximum available units towards satisfactory completion of the VCE, where no undue overlap or duplication exists between a VCE VET program and VCE studies. Where significant duplication has been identified, students can undertake both the VCE VET program and VCE units or other VCE VET programs. However, a reduced number of VCE VET units will contribute towards satisfactory completion of the VCE.

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