Newsletter in Full - Edition 12 2015

News From the Principal

Congratulations and thanks to the students for the truly fine evening’s entertainment at the Annual Music Concert at Hamer Hall. Once again, the students presented themselves superbly, and it was wonderful to see so many FCJ sisters, Council members, donors, staff and current and future families enjoying the evening. As I watched from backstage early in the evening, I was again truly amazed at not only the talent and dedication that brought about the beautiful concert, but the huge logistical exercise that it is getting the right instrument set up and the right performer in the correct place, with few gaps.

My thanks to the Director of Music Jan Blazejczak and Assistant Director, Janet Dawson and the Music Staff for the delightful evening. Jan has remarkable insight and talent and has built on the music program of the College to bring it to an impressive standard of music and choral performance. I have received numerous notes of congratulations and in turn I offer these without exception to our extraordinary performers from Prep to 12 and our dedicated Music Staff. Congratulations to our Music Prefect, Olivia Camilleri for her wonderful speech at the Concert and also for her work with the students and music department throughout this year. I am grateful also to our College Captains Annabelle Freeman and Jessica Landy for their involvement at the concert this year.

I was surprised and delighted to be the recipient of the conductor’s baton as I complete 15 years at Genazzano, and was very relieved that I was not called on to use it at the concert!

The process of voting for the student leadership positions for 2015-2016 is underway. Yesterday, those students who applied for the College Captains roles presented short speeches to all staff at our staff meeting. All students who have nominated are to be congratulated for the considered and dignified manner with which they have involved themselves in this process.

We very much look forward to honouring four past students at the Outstanding Alumnae awards evening on Tuesday 15 September. The Outstanding Alumna is Janet DeNeefe (py 1976) and is recognised for her community work in Bali. The outstanding Young Alumnae are Olivia and Miriam Nervo (py 1999) who were very involved with music while at Genazzano and have gone on to become internationally known in the world of contemporary music as songwriters, singers and DJs. Katrina Wakeling (py 1996) is being honoured posthumously for contribution before her sudden and untimely death aged 31. I do hope that all parents and students will feel very welcome to attend this event in the Madeleine Centre. On Wednesday morning, 16 September, we will honour the recipients of the Outstanding Alumnae at a whole school assembly.

Last Friday evening sixteen Year 4 students made their First Eucharist in the College Chapel. I particularly want to thank Ms Ellen Rankin and Mrs Natalie Vander Sluys for the outstanding work they undertook to prepare our students for the sacrament. Thanks also to Mr Jonathan Bam for preparing the singing. I would like to thank the staff at Grange Hill under the leadership of Ms Jackie Horgan and RE staff under the leadership of Mrs Lila McInerney and Mr Charles Watt, and the Year 4 parents and friends who worked hard to make the occasion such a special one. Thank you to the Year 3 parents who prepared a lovely supper for the girls. 

Last week we were advised that Ella McEvoy (Year 7) won an award from the English-Speaking Union - an educational and cultural charity. The English-Speaking Union has been sponsoring a global creative essay competition to commemorate and celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. Young students world-wide have been invited to develop their own Magna Carta for the twenty-first century and the junior winner is Ella McEvoy.  Ella will be presented with her award on Friday 21 August. Ella was encouraged to enter the award by Mrs Ann Rennie and we thank Mrs Rennie for her encouragement of Ella in this regard. Ella, as the junior winner, will receive a cash prize and a crystal plaque to acknowledge her achievement. Ella has also been selected by an international judging panel as regional Australia-Pacific winner and has been invited to compete before a public audience in London in October for the global winner awards for senior and junior categories. Congratulations Ella!

Also congratulations to Year 9 student, Genevieve Samuel, who has been chosen to be a judge this year for the Inky awards. The awards are run by the State Library of Victoria and one must apply to be a judge. These awards have young adults reading to create a short list and winners in two categories. The awards are promoted widely in secondary schools. Genevieve is also part of the panel at the Melbourne Writers Festival in her role as judge. What a wonderful opportunity for Genevieve!

We pray for the recently deceased:  

  • Fairlie Stewart, mother of John, mother in law of Josephine Molony. Grandmother of Ceclia (Year 11)
  • Brian Jackson on 7 August. Father of Anne, Anthony and Matthew. Father in law of Andrew, Grainne and Jo. Grandfather of Ciara Jackson (Year 12), Phoebe Richardson (Year 12) and Emily Richardson (2012).
  • Ken McQualter on 30 July. Father in law of Anita Wilson
  • Johannes Van Eeden on 9 August. Grandfather of Ruby (Year 11) and Georgia (Year 8) Randles
  • Sheila McKenzie on 16 August. Mother in law of Kate McKenzie (Staff Member)

Patricia A Cowling



As we begin to farewell winter and embrace spring:

May the stubble and the grass praise you,

St Francis and St Patrick praised you, 

May the seven days and the stars praise you, 

May male and female praise you, 

May the lower and upper air praise you, 

 May books and letters praise you, 

May the fish in the river praise you, 

May thought and action praise you, 

May the sand and the earth praise you, 

May all the good things created praise you, 

And I too shall praise you, 

Lord of Glory, Three in One.


(Irish song of praise 13th century adapted) 

Latest News

Jane Kennedy Returns to Genazzano for Life is Excellent Day

Genazzano celebrated its 5th annual Life is Excellent Day with presentations by Australian actress, comedian and former Genazzano School Captain (1982), Jane Kennedy, plus entrepreneur and ‘Real Housewives of Melbourne’ member, Chyka Keebaugh.

Life is Excellent Day encourages us to be grateful for all the little things that make life outstanding and celebrates the Genazzano spirit.

The day began with a delicious pancake breakfast and talk by Jane Kennedy, followed by a lunch time talk by Chyka Keebaugh.

This year’s event is the result of the hard work and dedication of current School Captains Annabelle Freeman and Jessica Landy, with the help of their fellow VCE students. From booking the talent to baking cupcakes, the two have been busy planning and organising Life Is Excellent Day, even taking time out of their school holidays to work on the project.

When Annabelle and Jessica were asked why they chose Jane Kennedy and Chyka Keebaugh as guest speakers, the girls said they were inspired by the women’s professional successes.

“Jane Kennedy is a former Genazzano school captain and she’s had an amazing career. She also has five children! It’s inspiring how well she juggles work and family life.

We thought Chyka would be a very charismatic guest speaker. She’s excelled in her career by working her way from the bottom up. She also has a blog that discusses all the things in life she is most grateful for. She’s a big lover of life and we thought that tied in perfectly with Life is Excellent Day,” they said.

All proceeds from the ticket sales and gold coin donations will go to The Water Well Project, which a former Genazzano student is closely associated with. 

Life is Excellent Day was spearheaded by Genazzano school captains in 2010 and has been carried on by prefects since.

The event was even featured in the Progress Leader, you can read the article here.

Year 9 Student Selected as Inky Awards Judge

The English Department congratulates Year 9 student, Genevieve Samuel on being chosen as a judge for the Inky Awards.

The Inky Awards recognise young adult literature, with the longlist and shortlist selected by young adults like Genevieve. The winners are voted for online by the teen readers of

In the space of three months, Genevieve has read twenty novels written by Australian and overseas authors. In consultation with her fellow judges, a shortlist of the top ten novels will be created. 

On Monday 24 August, Genevieve will sit on a panel as part of the Melbourne Writers’ Festival to present the shortlist at Federation Square. 

The awards are conducted by the Centre for Youth Literature, at the State Library of Victoria. 

It’s a wonderful honour to be selected as a judge for this prestigious literary event, well done Genevieve!

Year 7 Student Wins International Essay Competition

Year 7 student Ella McEvoy is the junior national and Australasian winner of a global creative essay writing competition run by the English-Speaking Union to celebrate the 800th anniversary of Magna Carter.

The competition asked entrants to write their own Magna Carter for the 21st century. Ella’s essay focussed on education for all, eradicating poverty, free healthcare and the challenges faced implementing these in a modern society.

Ella, who was encouraged to enter the competition by her English teacher Ann Rennie, enjoyed researching the unfamiliar essay topic.

“It was really interesting, I hadn’t heard of Magna Carter before and I enjoyed writing about it.”

As junior winner of Australasia, Ella and her father will be flown to London in October where she will take part in a public speaking workshop and present her essay to an audience for a chance to win the global junior award.

Ella was thrilled by the news that she had won the competition and for the opportunity to visit London for the first time.

“I received a call from the Australian President of the English-Speaking Union who told me I’d won. I was really excited and shocked.”

She was even more surprised to receive a call just a few nights later from the English-Speaking Union in London, announcing she had won not only the Australian but the Australasian competition as well.

“It just goes to show you should always try. I didn’t expect to win but I gave it a go and now I’m flying to London in October. It reminds me how great the opportunities are here at gen,” said Ella.

As the national junior winner, Ella will receive $1000 in prize money and a crystal plaque, to be presented at a ceremony on the 21 August ahead of her big trip to the UK.

An excerpt from Ella's winning essay:

If there were to be a modern day Magna Carta the main themes that it should include are; education for all, gender and racial equality and free access to healthcare. In Australia we have almost achieved this. We have education and access to health care and even for free if necessary and gender and racial equality has come a long way since it began. However, in poorer countries especially third world ones these important life necessities are an unachievable reality.

Genazzano's Annual Music Concert a Success

This year’s annual celebration of all things music – always a highlight in the College calendar - was held at Hamer Hall on Monday evening, 18 August.

Once again the musical talents and expertise of the P-12 students shone as their vocal and instrumental skills were showcased. Over 300 students performed during the 2 hour concert which included choirs from P-4, Year 5 and 6, Year 7 and 8 and the Senior Chamber Choir. 

A range of instrumental ensembles also performed included the strings, flutes, concert Band and the Symphonic Orchestra.

A highlight of the evening was the singing of ‘You Raise Me Up’ by the P-12 students, accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra.

Congratulations to the Music department, under the leadership of Mr Jan Blazejczak for this outstanding evening of music.  

GLS Breakfast

13th Annual GLS Breakfast

Three Women. Three Journeys.

Rise and shine to hear three equally talented alumnae reflect on their lives and their careers and learn about how each school has shaped and influenced their choices. This is an opportunity to not only hear from our diverse guest speakers but to engage and network with like-minded alumnae. Get together your fellow alumnae and friends and book a Genazzano table!

Wednesday 2 September 2015

7am - 9am

Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club
489 Glenferrie Rd, Kooyong

$65 Adults, $45 Concession (Full time students)

For further information please click here.

To book your tickets please click here.


Social Justice Week

24-28 August

Book Week

24-28 August

Open Mornings

Tuesday 8 September

For more information, head to:

GMA Annual Ball 2015 – Oriental Nights

Saturday 29 August

7.00pm at ZINC Federation Square

Parent Forum

Tuesday 1 September

6.00pm – 7.15pm

GLS Breakfast

Wednesday 2 September

7.00am – 9.00am at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club

ELC Father's Day Breakfast

Friday 4 September

Les Jeunes Artistes – ELC to Year 4 Art Show

Wednesday 9 September 2015

5.00pm-6.30pm Grange Hill

Outstanding Alumnae Awards Evening

Tuesday 15 September

6.00pm – 8.30pm

Outstanding Alumnae Awards Assembly

Wednesday 16 September

GFA Footy Luncheon

Friday 18 September

12.00pm – 3.00pm

Faith and Mission

Social Justice Week

Genazzano FCJ College and Xavier College Unite
2015 Social Justice Week – 24-28 August

Years 5-12

Social Justice Week is a time in which Genazzano and Xavier Colleges combine to raise awareness and funds for Caritas, Australia.

This year our focus is on the rights of women in developing countries and our funds will be donated to the Caritas Project supporting these particular women and children.

During this week, there are a number of activities to raise awareness and to have fun at the same time. The Prefects from both Colleges compete in Netball and on Wednesday 26 August we will come together, in the Madeleine Centre, for a Sing Off in which the singers from Xavier and Genazzano compete against one another.

On Tuesday 25 August, both Colleges hold Bread Roll Day. On this day all students in Homerooms will share a bread roll lunch which is a symbolic act is to raise awareness in the College community of those who do not have basic necessities, including daily meals. We ask parents to support this project by encouraging their daughters to forgo their normal lunches and to share a bread roll on the day. The Genazzano Cafeteria will be closed at lunchtime on this day.

On Friday 28 August, the Annual Social Justice Dinner will be held at Genazzano, in Centenary Hall from 6.30-9.30pm.

Timetable For Social Justice Week






Monday 24

Genazzano and Xavier

Prefect Netball

1:30- 2:15 pm


Xavier Campus

Stevenson Centre

Tuesday 25



Bread Roll day


Respective schools

Wednesday 26

Genazzano and Xavier

Sing Off

1:30- 2:15 pm

Genazzano lunchtime

Genazzano Campus

Montagner Auditorium

Thursday 27

Genazzano and Xavier

Netball Match

1:00- 1:35 pm

Genazzano lunchtime

Genazzano Campus

Centenary Hall


Genazzano and Xavier

Social Justice Dinner

6:30-9:30 pm

Genazzano Campus

Centenary Hall

Yapaneyepuk Youth Forum 

On 29 July, I had the pleasure of attending the Yapaneyepuk Youth Forum together with Kira Briscoe, Tayla Andrews, Stephanie Panagiotou and Gabriella Morgan. The title of the Youth Forum was ‘Making Connections’, and this forum gave us the opportunity to interact and meet Indigenous and Non-Indigenous students from schools across Victoria. We discussed current issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia. Together we listened and engaged, reflected, explored, shared and learnt from each other and asked questions that challenged our understanding of the meaning  of our theme, ‘Recognition’.

I found it extremely interesting to hear everyone’s opinions and perspectives on  different issues. One of the highlights of the day for me was when I was selected to participate on the youth panel. This was a new experience for me, because I have never had to sit in front of a hundred plus students and teachers to speak about my culture. It  was such an eye-opening opportunity for me as we discussed many issues confronting Aboriginal people today and it was clear that Australia still has a long way to go in its growth as a nation. We have yet to accept and recognise Indigenous people as equals in our country. The Yapaneyepuk Youth Forum was definitely an experience we won’t forget.

Kahealea Coleman-Wilson (Year 11)

Kahealea Coleman-Wilson with Jana Harcharek, Indigenous Inuit woman from Alaska

Kira Briscoe with participants from the Youth Forum

Co-curricular News

News from Co-curricular Programs

Debating and Public Speaking

Term Three has been a busy time for our students. We saw the last round of the Debaters Association Victoria (DAV) competition and the final debate for our Year 12 students. There have been many successes this year including several Best Speaker awards for our students.

One of our Year 10 teams has progressed to the finals and will speak in their first final on Wednesday 19 August. This is the third year in a row that this team has made it to the finals. Congratulations to: Marie Iliadis, Hannah Macdonald, Isabelle Zupan, Vivienne Williams, Sophie Zebrowski, Alex Sommerville and Emily Harman, has progressed to the finals. Well done girls!

This year twenty students from Years 9-12 participated in the Evatt Competition, which is a mock UN Security Council event. Students prepared to debate resolutions presented in the UN Security Council from the perspective of their allocated country. The students must learn negotiating skills as well as debating and public speaking skills. Congratulations to Lorena Stents and Rachael Kay who have progressed to the Semi Final, which will be held at Melbourne Town Hall on Sunday 23 August.

Three Year 7 and 8 students participated in the Legacy Junior Public Speaking competition at the end of July. Marietta Stents won the heat she entered and will now speak in the Preliminary Final on Monday 14 September. Congratulations also goes the Ella McEvoy who was the runner-up and to Prudence Halse.

Eight Year 11 & 12 students will participate in British Parliamentary debating on Sunday 30 August. The students, in teams of two, will debate in the British Parliamentary style and answer points of information from opposing teams. This presents a new challenge for the students. Entering this year are: Lorena Stents, Rachael Kay, Julia Enter, Vivienne Williams, Stephanie Zago, Ella Morgan, Grace Ross Farrell and Heidi Scheffers.

A team of Year 7 students has undertaken a Junior Secondary Debating program, which is conducted by DAV in preparation for entry into the DAV competition. These students committed to four training evenings where they will learn the skills of debating and participate in practice debates. The students are: Emily Manly, Molly O’Halloran, Kathleen Pereira, Marietta Stents, Ella McEvoy and Sophie Jenkin. 

As you can see, the future of debating is in good hands at Genazzano!

Eileen Bendall
Debating and Public Speaking Coordiantor


Public Speaking: Ella McEvoy delivering her speech at the Junior Legacy Public Speaking Competition. 

Public Speaking: Ella Morgan and Catriona Mount representing Russia on the UN Security Council.

Evatt Competition: Harriette Singh and Mary Henry deciding how Pakistan will vote at the UN Security Council. 

Early Years News

News from the Early Years

What a fantastic two weeks it has been at Grange Hill! On Friday 14 August, sixteen Year 4 girls received the Sacrament of First Eucharist. They were also accompanied by four of their classmates. 

Our Principal Patricia Cowling met with the girls in the boardroom before the liturgy started and presented each girl with a prayer book and a First Eucharist medal. The girls looked beautiful in their dresses and it was a particularly poignant moment when they exited the chapel bearing a lit candle inscribed with their names and singing ‘Christ Be Our Light’.

Mrs Kerry Anne Porreca eloquently addressed those gathered with a touching speech and Fr Dave Ryan SJ ensured that all the girls felt quite at ease. Ms Ellen Rankin and Mrs Natalie Vander Sluys are to be congratulated for their thorough preparation of the girls for this special moment. A big thank you also to Mr Jonathon Bam who ensured that the girls sang beautifully throughout the evening and to Prep to Year 8 Prefect, Giulia Mirabile for sharing this special event with the girls.

After the Sacrament of First Eucharist, the girls made their way along a lantern lit path to the Furlan Room to celebrate with gathered family and friends. There a team of dedicated Year 3 Mums had prepared a beautifully decorated table and supper for the girls to enjoy. It really was a special evening and a big thank you to all the Year 3 parents who were involved, especially Jean Losinno, Sophie Ikonomidis and Michelle Board as well as GMA President Debbie O’Halloran.

Monday 17 August saw the Prep to Year 4 classes head to the Arts Centre for the Annual Music Concert rehearsal in the morning and the performance that evening. The girls sang their hearts out and were one of the many highlights. Some of the Prep to Year 2s even appeared in video interviews complete with bloopers! The mass choir rendition of ‘You Raise Me Up’ really ensured that there was not a dry eye in the audience.

Prep to Year 2 also led their fabulous assembly on Friday 21 August. The assembly was a time to highlight our Year 4 netballers as well as some aspiring Year 3 and 4 athletes who recently represented Genazzano as part of the SSV Athletics squad.

After the assembly, the Year 3s departed for the Melbourne Town Hall and participated in the Children’s Book Council Of Australia presentation of the 2015 CBCA Bookweek Awards announcements. Once more the girls represented Genazzano FCJ College in spectacular fashion. Congratulations to Ms Julia Petricevic and Mrs Tanya Salinas Byrne for working so diligently with the girls within a very short timeframe to achieve outstanding results.

 Early Years Upcoming Dates

Thursday 3 September Father’s Day Stall
Friday 4 September

Father’s Day Breakfast 7.30 am (Thank you to those who have

already sent in photos of dads and daughters for our display)

Wednesday  September

Les Jeunes Artistes 5.00pm

Monday 14 September

Prep/Year 1 and Year 2 excursion to Lego Education Centre

Thursday 17 September

Term Three ends 3.25pm    Parent Teacher conferences

Friday 18 September Parent Teacher conferences
Monday 5 October Term 4 Begins

Jackie Horgan
Director of Early Years

Middle Years News

In Year 5C this term, we are focusing on what it means to be healthy.

We are looking at aspects of physical, mental, spiritual and social health. The students have identified ways to be resilient such as having a positive mindset and creating strategies to help us “unslump” when we are having a bad day. We have also identified the importance of a balanced diet and regular exercise.

In the next couple of weeks, we will be discussing hidden sugars in foods as well as learning how to read and understand food labels.

The students were asked to create a reflection for the idea that life can be full of both ups and downs.  Below are Ella Nixon and Lia Siniakov’s thoughts:

Later Years News

All Hallows ‘Art for Syria’ Fundraiser

On Thursday 13 August, All Hallows hosted a fundraiser organised by Year 9 students Eliza O’Donnell, Olivia O’Toole and Stephanie Wakeem.

The purpose of this event was twofold; first we wanted to showcase Year 9 Photography and Textiles work and second, to raise money to support the displaced people of Syria.

The money was raised by either generous donations or the sale of student photography or artworks which were priced at $10 each. The funds raised will be donated through Caritas Australia as part of their Middle East Crisis Appeal, working towards providing critical emergency relief for refugees and vulnerable host communities in Syria.

The night was a great success. It began with a fashion show of student created dresses, including the show stopping class created dress, ‘The Poppy Dress’, which won first place for its category at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show 2015. This was followed by almost 40 minutes of purchasing of artworks or donations. By the end of the night, we’d raised an incredible $491.85.

Through everybody's generous donations and tremendous support, we together, are on the way to creating a better life for the displaced people of Syria.

There are still a few photographs for sale, if you would like to purchase one or even make a donation to our cause, please come down to All Hallows to view the work on display or contact All Hallows on telephone: 8862 1023.

Debating and Public Speaking

Term Three has been a busy time for our students. We saw the last round of the Debaters Association Victoria (DAV) competition and the final debate for our Year 12 students. There have been many successes this year including several Best Speaker awards for our students.

One of our Year 10 teams has progressed to the finals and will speak in their first final on Wednesday 19 August. This is the third year in a row that this team has made it to the finals. Congratulations to: Marie Iliadis, Hannah Macdonald, Isabelle Zupan, Vivienne Williams, Sophie Zebrowski, Alex Sommerville and Emily Harman, has progressed to the finals. Well done girls!

This year twenty students from Years 9-12 participated in the Evatt Competition, which is a mock UN Security Council event. Students prepared to debate resolutions presented in the UN Security Council from the perspective of their allocated country. The students must learn negotiating skills as well as debating and public speaking skills. Congratulations to Lorena Stents and Rachael Kay who have progressed to the Semi Final, which will be held at Melbourne Town Hall on Sunday 23 August.

Three Year 7 and 8 students participated in the Legacy Junior Public Speaking competition at the end of July. Marietta Stents won the heat she entered and will now speak in the Preliminary Final on Monday 14 September. Congratulations also goes the Ella McEvoy who was the runner-up and to Prudence Halse. 

Eight Year 11 and 12 students will participate in British Parliamentary debating on Sunday 30 August. The students, in teams of two, will debate in the British Parliamentary style and answer points of information from opposing teams. This presents a new challenge for the students. Entering this year are: Lorena Stents, Rachael Kay, Julia Enter, Vivienne Williams, Steph Zago, Ella Morgan, Grace Ross Farrell and Heidi Scheffers.

A team of Year 7 students has undertaken a Junior Secondary Debating program, which is conducted by DAV in preparation for entry into the DAV competition. These students committed to four training evenings where they will learn the skills of debating and participate in practice debates. The students are: Emily Manly, Molly O’Halloran, Kathleen Pereira, Marietta Stents, Ella McEvoy and Sophie Jenkin. 

As you can see, the future of debating is in good hands at Genazzano!

Eileen Bendall
Debating and Public Speaking Coordiantor

Ella McEvoy delivering her speech at the Junior Legacy Public Speaking Competition.

Ella Morgan and Cat Mount representing Russia on the UN Security Council.

Harriette Singh and Mary Henry deciding how Pakistan will vote at the UN Security Council.

Leadership Forum at Scotch College

Some historians have dubbed Sir John Monash the greatest Australian leader in history. The numerous leadership qualities he possessed affected the lives of countless Australians, through his involvement with education, engineering and the army. He serves as a prime role model to Australians from all walks of life, in particular those who aspire to replicate his ability to succeed. 

It is for these reasons that nine Year 10 students from Genazzano were invited to attend a leadership forum at Scotch College, at which many desirable qualities of a leader were highlighted and related back to this inspirational Australian. We were seated at tables with Year ten students from other schools around Melbourne, and discussed ways we could extend upon our current qualities and behaviours at school and in the community in order to become future leaders. Our ideas came from three speakers who explored themes of leadership, integrity and service. 

This forum has alerted us to the qualities that great leaders posses, and highlighted skills that we can develop in our endeavours to lead others, and provided us with valuable knowledge that we will share with our peers.  

Sophie Zebrowski (Year 10)

The Year 10 students at Scotch College.

Bottom Row: Sarah Farrugia, Sylvie Bischof, Emily Kneale, Bianca Poletti, Leeann Bushnaq Top Row: Alexandra Somerville, Sophie Zebrowski, Chloe Landy, Isabelle Zupan.

Sport News

SSV Athletics

On Monday 10 August, forty girls from Year 3-6 travelled to Duncan Mackinnon Reserve for the SSV Armadale District Athletics Carnival. 

Since making the squad through trials back in Term 2, all girls attended training at various times each week under the guidance of Mr Daly, Gen alumna Monica Clarke and current Year 10 students; Olivia Owen and Sylvie Bischof.  Our athletes braved very windy conditions to do their best throughout the day, whatever their events.  It resulted in even more top-three placegetters this year compared to 2014.


Student and Event


Aniela Blazejczak (U9 Div B 100m)

Chiara Chiarelli (U10 Div B Triple Jump)

Kristen Smith (U11 Div B 800m)

Henrietta Donoghue (U12/13 Div A High Jump)


Aniela Blazejczak (U9 Div A Long Jump)

Zara Hughes (U10 Div A 1500m)

Charlie Balic (U10 Div A Discus)

Jessica Balic (U10 Div B Discus)

Alessia Sette (U12/13 Div B Long Jump)

Emily Holdsworth (U12/13 Div B High Jump)


Chiara Chiarelli (U10 Div A 100m)

Charlie Balic (U10 Div A Shot Put)

Eliza Board (U11 Div B 80m hurdles)

Alessia Sette (U12/13 Div B 200m)

Henrietta Donoghue (U12/13 Div B Discus)

There were also many other encouraging results that saw us earn 6th overall on the day. 

Henrietta’s performance in the High Jump earned her a place in the Armadale District team for the Beachside Division Athletics Carnival held on Wednesday 9 September. In her first year at Genazzano, Chiara Chiarelli has also progressed to the next stage in both Triple Jump and 100m Sprint.

Congratulations to all girls who have been involved with SSV athletics since late May. There is clearly potential for SSV in the future, thanks in no small part to the encouragement and expertise offered by the girls’ coaches. 


If you are interested playing Sunday morning Summer Competition Tennis, please contact the OLGC Tennis Club. The season occurs during Term 4 and Term 1 next year. We have approx 10 junior teams and can cater for almost anyone. For more details or queries contact Judy Crowe-Conway at

Hawthorn Cricket Club- Girls Cricket

Girls 9-15 are warmly invited to join Hawthorn CCs first ever all-girls teams.  A Come and Try day is to be held on Sunday 13 September at HA Smith Reserve in Hawthorn from 10.00am-11.00am. For further information, please contact Mr Patrick Dower on

Australian Sports Camps

Australian Sports Camps will host holiday spring programs in cricket, netball, tennis, basketball, AFL, soccer and hockey. Please call 1300 914 368 or visit  for further details.

Advanced Sports Performance Programs

Two day programs for advanced performers in cricket, AFL, soccer, hockey and netball are now available. For further details go to:

Congratulations and Good Luck

2015 GSV Representative Netball Team

Congratulations to Gemma Sibillin (12 Winter) and Isobel Anderson (12 Corry) who have recently been selected in the GSV Representative team for 2015.  They will represent Girls’ Sport Victoria in the tri-tournament in September to be held in Melbourne.                                                        

Track & Field

Good luck to our GSV squad that is competing in the GSV Championship Division 2 Carnival this week on Wednesday 19 August at Lakeside Stadium.

Genazzano ‘Friends of Sport’ 


The Friends of Sport is an informal group, committed to supporting the overall health and wellbeing of students through physical activity.  The ‘Friends of Sport’ group meet regularly throughout the year and extend an open invitation to parents who wish to attend.


For further details please contact Chair, Mr John King, at or 0418 383 664.


Genazzano Sport Office

Please note the Sport Office is located on the ground floor of the Wardell building (WG101).  The office is staffed by Miss Melonie Fulton (Sports Administrator) and the phone number is 8862 1008. Alternatively, email

Matthew Wesson 
Director of Sport

Music News

Save the Date – Evening of Jazz and Contemporary Music

On Wednesday 16 September, the Montagner Auditorium will be transformed into an old style Jazz Club for this year’s Evening of Jazz and Contemporary Music.

Come along, relax with friends and family and enjoy the atmosphere! There will be round-table seating, nibbles, drinks and fine entertainment from our contemporary ensembles and solo performers.

This year, we have the privilege of featuring Olivia Chindamo as our guest artist. Olivia is one of Melbourne’s rising jazz vocalists and is a recent recipient of the James Morrison Generations in Jazz Vocal Scholarship.  Students attending this year’s trip to Mount Gambier were lucky enough to see Olivia perform her winning repertoire and are very much looking forward to seeing her perform again at Genazzano.

Tickets for this event are free and can be obtained through the College website when bookings open in a couple of weeks.  Keep your eyes peeled – they go fast!

Emily Tarrant 
Head of Jazz and Contemporary Studies

Creative Arts

Creative Arts News

Preparations are underway in the Creative Arts Department for some major events occurring toward the end of this Term. We are preparing our Early Learners for their major showcase at the annual ELC to Year 4 Art show, ‘Les Jeunes Artistes’ which will open officially on Wednesday 9 September. The Grange Hill corridors and spaces will be adorned with our young artists’ work and we look forward to the Opening Night and an evening of celebration.

The Creative Arts Tour 2016 information night will occur on Tuesday 8 September at 7pm in the Madeleine Centre for students undertaking a study in Drama and Visual Arts in Year 10 or 11 in 2016. We look forward to providing a thorough overview of the tour to students and parents. The tour will travel to Washington DC and New York City in the Term 3 break of 2016.

Many students’ work has been selected to represent the College at the Royal Melbourne Show. Students and parents will be notified if their daughter’s work has been selected shortly.  We have over 100 exhibits in diverse areas including ceramics, textiles, painting, photography and drawing across a number of Year levels. Genazzano has been highly successful in the past in this show and hope to continue its success this year.

Mrs. Joanne Saville
Curriculum Leader Creative Arts 

Drama News

St Kevin’s and Genazzano Present A Midsummer Night’s Dream

“The course of true love never did run smooth.” Come and see why!

Tickets are now on sale for the Genazzano/St Kevin’s Year 9 Play: A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The much-loved Shakespeare comedy involves four inter-connected plots, weaving love and fantasy in equal measure. A magic love potion, a travelling troupe of well-meaning actors and pairs of secret lovers are all part of the fun, with a highlight being when poor Bottom’s head is transformed into that of a donkey.

The tone of the play is light and upbeat, with a sense of playfulness and the mystical. The design includes a mixture of old and new elements, with costumes that will remain fairly traditional and non-descriptive of the era along with modern elements such as baseball caps, transistor radios and some modern music.

Come along and enjoy the merriment and misunderstandings that occur between the human and mystical realms in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

When: 7pm

Where: 1, 2, 3 September

Where: Vaucluse Hall, St Kevin’s College Waterford Campus

Adults $16; Concession $11



Gen Productions and Year 11 Students Collaborate to Design for Charlotte’s Web!

This year, the Year 5 and 6 students will be performing the well-loved musical, Charlotte’s Web for the College community on 3 December in the Montagner auditorium.

In preparation for the performance, the Gen productions students have been trialling possible make-up designs to evoke the mice, sheep and other farmyard creatures that will feature in this performance.

The Year 11 Product Design and Technology students, led by Ms Katrina Wheaton-Penniall have been busy designing prototypes for the costumes. They will be making these costumes when Mr Jackson, the director, gives their final designs the thumbs up!


Poetry Out Loud

Congratulations to our Italian language students whose performance at this year’s Dante Alighieri Society’s Italian Poetry Recitation Competition earned them first prize or a place in the finals.

Alice Kelly in Year 12 won first prize in the Discorsi section. A special mention goes to Amy Catanzariti and Freya Halse, both in Year 11, for reaching the recitation section finals.

The outstanding work and dedication these girls have exhibited in their Italian studies is a credit to them all.

Learning and reciting poems in a foreign language is a great tool for learners. Reading poetry can improve pronunciation and helps discover culture and history.

Former Student Awarded Prestigious Scholarship

It also brings us great pleasure to announce that 2014 alumna, Kate Mani, has been awarded the prestigious University of Melbourne Colin McCormick Memorial 2015 Scholarship. Kate worked with enormous dedication throughout 2014 under the tutelage of Signora Costa – congratulations to all our Gen girls!  

Mr Adam Bianco
Curriculum Leader: Languages Prep–12 

Careers News

Year 12 – Tertiary study applications

VTAC applications open in August and all Year 12 students will have support from the Career Development office to put in their preferences during study periods. Extra support will also be provided for those needing a Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) application, assistance with folio and audition applications and for those wanting to study interstate or overseas. For further information go to

Year 12 Special Programs at Universities – Early offers

ACU and La Trobe University have special programs to which students can apply should they contribute to society through their volunteer work. After applying to VTAC, students need to do their applications to the university concerned and each have their own criteria, requirements and closing dates. For more details about these programs please go to:
ACU Early Achievers program:
La Trobe University Aspire Program:

Years 10-12 Open Day Dates

All universities have open days during August and September. Your daughter(s) in years 10 -12 have been sent an email via the careers newsletter with these dates. A full list is also available on the VTAC website:

Year 9 Work experience

Students in Year 9 should start thinking about options for Work experience in 2016.  Some Hospitals start advertising from now on. Your daughter needs to be checking websites of interest to ensure she can apply in a timely manner

Other News 

2015 Term Dates

Term 3 


Monday 13 July

Staff and students return

Thursday 17 September Last Day of Term

Term 4


Monday 5 October

Staff and students return

Friday 4 December

Last day of Term

Friday 11 December

Teaching staff and Category B staff conclude

Friday 18 December

Category C staff conclude

Wednesday 23 December

Category A staff conclude 

2016 Term Dates

Term 1 


Monday 4 January

Category B staff return

Wednesday 20 January

Executive Return

Thursday 21-Friday 22 January

All POL meeting

Monday 25 January

All staff return

Tuesday 26 January

Australia Day

Friday 29 January

Students (new)

Monday 1 February

All students

Wednesday 10 February

Ash Wednesday

Wednesday 23 March

Students finish

Thursday 24 March

Staff PL day



Term 2


Monday 11 April

Staff and students return

Friday 17 June

Last day of term



Term 3 


Monday 11 July

Staff return

Tuesday 12 July

Students return

Friday 16 September

Last day of term



Term 4


Monday 3 October

Staff and students return

Wednesday 7 December

Students conclude

Friday 9 December

Students conclude

Thursday 13 December

Teaching staff and Category B staff conclude

Tuesday 20 December

Category C staff conclude

GFA News

News from the GFA

It really is amazing how quickly Term 3 and indeed 2015 is moving along! Despite the cold outlook over winter and our yearning for warmer days to come, it has been a thrill to see how the GFA has continued to create some very special shared experiences with our daughters. In recent weeks the GFA has been active with the younger and middle school students, while we are also gearing up for two sensational social events on our calendar late in Term 3 and early into Term 4.

GFA “Traffic School Breaky” was hosted on Sunday 9 August
A small but very enthusiastic group of Year Prep - Year 1 daughters and their fathers braved the cold morning to attend the traffic school event, quickly warming up with a few laps and showing their great riding skills. This was followed by a yummy sausage sizzle breakfast to get the girls going; thanks to all who attended, and Julian Di Battista for organising the morning. 

GFA Year 9 Ten-pin bowling was held on Sunday 16 August
A group of 26 (Dads and Daughters) went “Back to The Future” at Healthways Retro Bowling Alley for a great night of bowling. Echoing around the cosy retro venue was the rolling of bowling balls, clinking of pins and the occasional strike followed by a shriek of excitement (and that was just the Dads!). The stakes were high for which Father-Daughter team could attain the highest score. The girls remained calm, focussing on the task at hand and were provided extra energy in the form of a Freddo Frog if they achieved a strike. Half way through the evening, pizzas arrived courtesy of Columbos’s and Rob, GFA President. All in all, it was a good time for everyone to have a chat with friends and make some new ones. A great evening of fun was had by all fathers and their daughters. Thank you to Rowan Hore and Julian Di Battista for organising the night, and also to Paul White for taking photos on the evening.

GFA Footy Finals Luncheon is on Friday September 18

Lunch with one of the best Football panels ever to entertain (Shane Healy, Billy Brownless, Luke Darcy and Cameron Ling) while you eat, bid on rare memorabilia at the auction and have a great time with other Dads, partners and friends. The Footy Finals Lunch is held at Etihad Stadium and has built a reputation as one of Melbourne’s best corporate lunches. Every year it just keeps getting bigger – $125pp, getting close now with only 4 weeks to go - tickets are selling fast, so book NOW at

The GFA Golf day will be held on Friday 9 October – Save the date for early in Term 4! 

Yes, it’s on once again, a fantastic opportunity to play at a premier golf course with other Dads, friends and business associates. A great day out for both men and women, and you don’t even have to be a regular golfer to have a great day! A light lunch will be provided, with drinks and finger food at the 19th hole and BBQ dinner to follow. Golf only, golf and dinner or dinner only options will be available – places limited so look out for bookings to open soon.


Remember that to be a father is a gift, to be a Gen Dad is a rare privilege that we celebrate by Loving, Laughing and Making a Difference….

Rob Bischof
Genazzano Fathers’ Association

GMA News

Genazzano Mothers’ Association

We warmly congratulate our Year 4 girls who had their First Eucharist last Friday. The role of the GMA is to organise the celebration following the Mass and the Year 3 mothers did a beautiful job. We once again lit the walkway from the chapel towards the Madeleine Centre with beautiful lanterns, giving the evening a magical feel and adding to the excitement of the event. Our Year 3 class representatives put a lot of thought and time into this evening and our particular thanks goes to Jean Lossino, Michele Board and Sophie Ikonomidis who oversaw the organisation and all the Year 3 mothers who helped, leading up to the event and on the night. 


The Year 7 Mothers along with their daughters met for a Sunday brunch at Fat Penguin last Sunday. They had a fabulous turn out with everyone enjoying the great food and great company.

On Sunday 9 August, the Year 1 families gathered for yum cha at Shark Fin House in Chinatown.  Parents enjoyed catching up, sharing yum cha experiences and talking about upcoming school events.  It made for a most enjoyable outing with good company and authentic and tasty Chinese food. Everyone left as they had arrived – with smiles on their faces.

Father’s Day Gift Idea!

Looking for that perfect Father’s Day gift for those hard-to-buy-for dads? What’s better than socks or hankies? The Entertainment Book of course! Give the gift that keeps on giving. Purchase an Entertainment book now and dad will receive over $15,000 worth of offers, from dining to golf, wineries to footy and more! Contact Cathy Frawley at or phone 0421 010 347 to reserve a copy.

Save the dates for the following events:

City-Country Mothers’ Mass & Lunch        Friday 28 August
GMA Ball – Oriental Nights Saturday 29 August
GMA Father’s Day Stall Thursday 3 September
Year 11 Mums’ Happy Hour Thursday 10 September
ELC Bundoora Park Sunday 13 September
Year 6 Family Day at the Zoo Sunday 13 September
Year 12 Parents and Daughter Breakfast Sunday 13 September
GMA Committee Meeting Monday 12 October
Last Class Reps Meeting 

is on Monday 20 October at 7.30pm in cafeteria


Come to the Ball! 

GMA Annual Ball – Oriental Nights – Saturday 29 August 2015


We’ve had a great response to the Ball, tickets are selling fast and we need to finalise bookings early next week.

Book on a table with friends or join a year level table and make new friends. The more the merrier!

Book your tickets at  For all ticket enquiries, please contact Johanna Nesbitt on 0418 599 210.


If you can’t make it to the Ball this year you can still participate by buying a raffle ticket. You could be the lucky winner of one of these four fantastic prizes:

First prize: Airfares to any destination for two valued at $5000

Second prize: Apple MacBook Air valued at $1179

Third prize: Dinner for two at Centonove valued at $200

Fourth prize: Fitbit Flex Wireless Wristband valued at $129

Please return ticket butts, cash (or cheques made payable to Genazzano Mothers’ Association) and any unsold tickets to Student Services or Reception at Grange Hill and All Hallows as soon as possible please as we need to finalise sales.

Any raffle enquiries should be emailed to Cathy Frawley:


Throw a coin in the ‘Wok’ and you could win a stunning Hermes enamel bracelet in black, silver and palladium plate with H clasp, 2cm wide and valued at $960.00. 


We have a great line up of prizes from cocktail party packages to holidays. All our amazing prizes are listed below.

Finger Food Party for Friends

Entertain up to 30 guests in your own home or venue of your choice. Luckman Catering will prepare delicious finger food and will include one chef and one waitress for the event. This prize is to be redeemed by 30 June 2016.  Not valid November/December 2015.

Bruce Springsteen Hand Signed Guitar

Hand signed guitar by "The Boss". Bruce Springsteen is a superstar singer and songwriter - one of the greats of rock'n'roll. For over 40 years, Springsteen has carved his working-class roots into his music and has penned some of modern culture's most memorable anthems. This incredible item of music history is yours for the taking!

Secluded QLD Holiday

A family stay for up to 6 people for 7 nights in a luxurious 4.5 star 3 bedroom unit at Agnes Water QLD.  Pavillions on 1770 is a relaxing and peaceful resort situated on 6kms of golden sand on QLD's most northern surf beach. Fly to Bundaberg or Gladstone (it’s then 1.25 hours drive to the resort) to reach this exotic destination. Subject to availability.

Included in this incredible holiday package is a family paradise tour from 1770 Larc! Tours valued at $500, for 2 adults and 2 children.  You'll get to ride the Amphibian (on-road and on-water vehicle), crossing four pristine water ways and travelling along deserted stretches of wide sandy beaches with a stop for sand boarding.  Also included is a half day double-kayak rental from 1770 Liquid Adventures valued at $120 for 4 people.

"Chanel No 5" by ANDY WARHOL 

This is an original 1997 advertising print on linen measuring 47 x 63 inches. This is a Paris Bus Stop original!  Chanel commissioned Andy Warhol to do Serigraphs for them, but due to his untimely death in 1987, these images were not used until 1997. This item is in incredible condition "A" on linen and framed to archival standards. Valued at $5,000.

19th Century Grand Art Chateau in Burgundy, France

A magnificent stay awaits those willing to explore the Côte-d'Or, home to some of the world’s best wine regions, dining and exquisite countryside.

• 7 nights, sleeping up to 10 adults or 8 adults & 4 children
• French Personal Chef, Chateau welcome dinner 
• Housekeeping included

Situated on 2.5 acres, this 700m2 grand provincial estate exudes charm and character in the quiet countryside of a Bourgogne town; a gateway to the home of some of the world’s premium vineyards and culinary fare. Valued at over $15,000.

Absolutely Delicious

Celebrate your next special occasion with a private party for 40 at your home or venue of your choice.  This package includes an abundance of delectable finger food. Absolutely Delicious is a small boutique style company that has been providing exclusive catering to both private and corporate clients for over 20 years. They have been the exclusive caterer to the Richmond Football Club since 1995. To be redeemed by August 2016.

Dior Eau Sauvage’ By Rene Gruau

This is an original advertising print on linen by renowned fashion illustrator Rene Gruau circa 1980.  Measuring 47 x 63 inches.  This is a Paris Bus Stop original!  The poster is in excellent condition "A" on linen, framed to archival standards

Silent Auction

Thanks to the generous parent donors and retailers in our area, we have a great selection of prizes just waiting for your bids!

All proceeds from our Oriental Nights ball will go towards the building works in accordance with the College’s 2020 Vision and Master Plan.



Community News

Sacramental Program for 2015

Our Lady of Good Counsel and All Hallows Parish
Deepdene and Balwyn
Sacramental Program for 2015

Young parishioners of Our Lady of Good Counsel and All Hallows Parish are invited to enrol in the Parish’s Sacramental Program. School aged children are provided with preparation for their reception for the Sacraments of Reconciliation (Year 3) and Confirmation (Year 6). Once the preparation stage has been completed, these young people are presented for the sacrament. These sacraments will be celebrated in the parish this year as follows:

Sunday 13 September 
(Catechist Preparation Program commences Friday, 31 July)

Tuesday 10 November and Thursday 12 November (Catechist Preparation Program commences Friday 9 October)

Please visit the parish website at and complete the relevant online enrolment form or contact Tricia Norman on 9816 9291 or for more details.  Please note that the Sacramental Program is open to those families who reside within the parish boundaries.

OLGC Parish Craft Group

The OLGC Parish Craft Group continues to assist those in the community. If you would like to join or are able to assist with straight sewing, please contact Stella Robinson on 9880 7815. The group also welcomes donations of wool for the Winter season. Please leave your donations at the Parish House. 

YEP Connect

YEP Connect is a jam-packed event for young people in Years 5 to 8, featuring games, activities and music. It is a fantastic environment for young people to meet and build friendships with like-minded peers.

Location: OLGC
Time: 3.30pm-6.00pm
Cost: Free
Dates: Sunday 16 August / Sunday 11 October / Sunday 15 November 

For enquiries, please contact:
Laura Healey on 0417 483 961
Alex McMullen on 0409 117 779

Families are encouraged to join us for the Youth Mass at 5pm.

YEP is a youth initiative open to all young people. It is a joint venture sponsored by the Parishes of Kew, Hawthorn, Deepdene and Balwyn, as well as Xavier College and Genazzano FCJ College.

Donation of Gym Equipment

The College is about to be supplied with a range of new and almost-new gym equipment thanks to a wonderful donation by Fernwood Fitness Camberwell.

Our d'Houet building circuit & fitness room will have more than 50 new pieces of training equipment added to our collection allowing for full use by PE & Health classes. The equipment includes new treadmills, cross trainers, mountain climbers, upright bikes, recumbent bikes and spin bikes.

We are very grateful to one of our Early Years Parents Mrs Assunta Martino for arranging the donation to aid Genazzano. Assunta's efforts will see almost $200,000 worth of equipment being donated to the College for the benefit of the students and staff.

This significant donation will allow our various sports teams to have access to a complete array of cardio equipment providing great training and fitness programs outcomes to be achieved throughout the course of the school year.

Fernwood Fitness Camberwell has undergone a complete transformation of their facility and as a result of the amazing generosity of the proprietor Mr Tom Hanley, we are pleased to be able to return the favour in some small part by promoting the re-opening of the Camberwell franchise. Below are details of the launch. Tom and Assunta have put together a special Genazzano foundation membership deal for family and friends of the College:

- $0 Joining Fee
- 15% off your annual membership
- 3 X Intro Personal Training Sessions
- Complimentary Blow wave
- Complimentary Manicure and Pedicure

In the next few weeks, the equipment will be fully installed and connected in our fitness room. An opportunity to formally thank Tom and Assunta will be arranged once the upgrade is complete and a future newsletter will display the generous donation the College has received.

Mark Glover
Business Manager

Kate Walsh Artwork Exhibition – Furlan Exhibition Hall

Kate Walsh is an art teacher at Genazzano FCJ College and a practising artist. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to currently exhibit her artwork in the Furlan Exhibition Hall in the Madeleine Centre. Kate has a Masters of Fine Art (RMIT) and a Bachelor of Education (University of Melbourne).  She has been exhibiting in galleries around Melbourne since 2001. Kate is fascinated with human nature; her emotionally driven and sensitive paintings resonate with pathos. They are psychological studies rendered in bleeding washes of ink, watercolour and oil which convey subtleties of body language, facial expression and of human fragility.  

The Slipping Away and Distant series are a study of the effects of Alzheimer’s disease; they explore the outward expressions of an internal struggle with declining mental and physical health.  The wash and pool-like effects open up a contemplative space, an opportunity for reminiscence or reflection and an associated feeling of melancholy. 

The Marketplace series is based on Kate’s experiences of everyday life in a town called Dongguan in Guangdong Province in China.  These works reference the rituals and relationships, as well as the everyday observations that depict the diversity and commonalities of our human condition, heightened by the immersion into a culture different to our own. 

Heritage and Undercurrent explore the merging of figures in a landscape.  These works are based on experiences of a wild beach on the west coast of Ireland, in the depths of winter. The ravages of the weather and the crashing sea threw a thick mist into the atmosphere which blurred the distinction between the figures and their surroundings.  Coming is similar, as it responds to the figures in an atmospheric landscape. The disintegration of form expresses a partial memory distorted with time.   Kate’s intention is to reveal a more ephemeral sense of time, a fleeting experience, an imperfect memory or just an opportunity for contemplation.

Dude and Piano Man are explorations of figurative and abstract mark making. Motion and musical rhythms ‘dance’ around and through these figures in energetic applications of colour to increase the intensity of the image. 

Please take the opportunity to visit this engaging exhibition which will be on display until Thursday 17 September, 2015.