Archives were formally established in 1990 by the Genazzano FCJ College Board. Following the celebration of the centenary of the College in 1989, it was apparent that valuable archival material already collected by the nuns needed to be organised and accessible.

The archive collection continues to grow and includes administrative records, student records, photographs, memorabilia, school publications as well as specialised collections.

Our collections

FCJ Society assets

This catalogue covers paintings, art works, ceramics, furniture, vestments and statues which were part of the Genazzano heritage and which are stored and displayed at the College.

Art collection

This collection originated in the mid-1990s through the Archives and a committee of interested parents and teachers. The collection continues to grow and currently comprises over 250 items which include paintings, works on paper, prints, three dimensional works and prize winning student works acquired each year.

Our stories

The College Crest

The Shield - used by ancient warriors, signifies the defences prepared during school days, for the battle of life.

The Scroll - bearing the letters FCJ, has a religious meaning connected with the foundation of the Order of Sisters who taught at Genazzano - The Faithful Companions of Jesus.

The Crown - at the top of the Shield bears a special meaning for FCJ girls all over the world, as it was part of the family coat-of-arms of the foundress: the Vicomtesse de Bonnault d'Houet, known to us as Marie Madeleine Victoire. The crown had been awarded to the family in crusading times, for fidelity to the King. The crown has a deeper significance, bearing, with the College motto, Fidelis, meaning ‘faithful’, is a reference to the words of St John in the 'Book of Revelations' (2:10b): "Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life." .It is a cornerstone of Genazzano life - faithful to ourselves, faithful to others and faithful to God.

The name 'Genazzano' is taken from a shrine of Our Lady at Genazzano, in a small Italian town near Rome, where there is a venerated picture of Our Lady of Good Counsel, the patroness of Genazzano.

Roman Vestments and Altar Laces

The Genazzano Archives holds a rare collection of Roman Vestments and associated altar laces. These items were cared for with great respect by the FCJ Sisters and used at the College over many years until the style of vestments worn by the priest while celebrating the Eucharist changed with the coming of Vatican II.

Contact us

If you are researching your family history, or wanting to find general information of interest regarding past students from our archival resources, please contact our Archivist via or 8862 1057.

Olive Cotton: Seed Head, 1990/2009. Silver gelatin photograph 5/90, 20.2 x 17.7 cm

Queenie McKenzie Nakarra: Untitled, unsigned, natural ochre and pigment, 51 x 61 cm