Our co-curricular program aims to enhance and extend students’ interests beyond the classroom. Outstanding opportunities are available for students to be involved in a wide range of activities. Activities span the areas of social justice, the Arts and sport, as well as a wide range of interest-based clubs and programs.

Co-curricular activities are run before, during or after school or on weekends. They may involve weekly meetings or an intensive session.

Awarding colour points

Students may choose and commit to activities on a term or semester basis. For those students who participate in the activity constantly over a semester or equivalent, a colour point may be awarded. These points are cumulative over students’ years at Genazzano and may contribute to the award of a red, striped or gold laurel band:

  • Level 1: red band award is displayed across the top of the blazer pocket.
  • Level 2: striped band award replaces the red band.
  • Level 3: gold laurel spray is displayed above the College crest on the blazer pocket.

Download a copy of the Co-curricular Programs at Genazzano brochure.