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Boarding at Genazzano

130 years

Genazzano remains Victoria's only Catholic all-girls' boarding school. Boarding offers students a wide variety of positive and significant opportunities for personal growth and wellbeing. 

Genazzano accepts students from Year 7 upwards at Hopetoun Hall, which is home for our boarders; a safe and welcoming place where all girls enjoy a friendly community life in an environment conducive to study. Dedicated and professional staff are committed to providing quality care for all boarders, while supporting them in all aspects of their educational journey. Hopetoun Hall boarders are well represented within the College in leadership roles and as recipients of academic honours, sports and performance awards.

The academic benefits of boarding include the strong and close support of teachers and peers. Within Hopetoun Hall, boarders are involved in social activities, study routines and specific educational programs, including tutoring support. There is a very strong learning culture that supports all boarders; students often spend time studying in groups, encouraging and championing each other.

Boarders are responsible for organising themselves and managing their time at their home away from home. These responsibilities assist in the development of a range of independent life skills and prepare the girls for life beyond the gates of the College. During their time as boarders, girls are provided with many opportunities to immerse themselves in co-curricular activities such as music, creative arts and sport, as well as College and broader community focuses. Boarders are encouraged to participate socially in personal and group events, including friend/family celebrations and group excursions.

Our Boarders enjoy many valuable experiences during their time at Genazzano, including the development of lifelong friendships. They leave as independent, confident and caring young women with an aspiration towards excellence and motivation to challenge their potential and strive for greatness.

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