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Boarding at Genazzano

130 years

Victoria's only Catholic all-girls’ boarding school, Genazzano has a long and proud history of educating and nurturing the wellbeing of its students for well over a century.

Our Hopetoun Hall Boarding House accepts students from Year 7 upwards and offers a safe and welcoming community where girls are fully supported by boarding staff and their peers.

Boarding offers students a wide variety of positive and significant opportunities for personal growth and wellbeing; as well as the development of independent life skills and lifelong friendships.

Hopetoun Hall boarders are well represented within the College in leadership roles and as recipients of academic honours, sports and performance awards.

The academic benefits of boarding include the strong and close support of teachers, boarding staff and peers. Within Hopetoun Hall, boarders are involved in social activities, study routines and tutoring programs to enhance and enrich their learning experience. This strong learning culture supports all boarders with students often spending time studying in groups, where they encourage and champion each other.

Boarders are responsible for organising themselves and managing their time just as they would at home. These responsibilities assist in the development of a range of independent life skills and prepare the girls for life beyond the gates of the College. During their time as boarders, girls are provided with many opportunities to immerse themselves in co-curricular activities such as music, creative arts and sport and are encouraged to participate socially in events, including friend/family celebrations and group excursions.

Our Boarders enjoy many valuable experiences during their time at Genazzano. They leave as independent, confident and caring young women with an aspiration towards excellence and motivation to maximise their strengths and talents to reach their full potential.

Each year, the Gavin Smith Boarding Scholarship is awarded to a Year 9, 10 or 11 student in honour of the work of one of the early founders of Hopetoun Hall, Mr Gavin Smith. The successful applicant will have demonstrated:

  • a commitment to the College and its philosophy

  • a sound academic record

  • demonstration of need.

The remission is applied to tuition fees only. For more information about Scholarships, click here.

Boarding opportunities

Genazzano offers full time, weekly and casual boarding options, providing flexible arrangements for current day students from Years 7 to 12 as well as ongoing boarders.

Families may be interested in trying weekly boarding to improve their daughter’s academic performance or to help her develop greater independence. During peak times when family and work commitments are demanding, weekly boarding can provide an organised and predictable routine; and a consistent and structured community environment conducive to developing good study habits and strong friendships.

Weekly boarders stay in the house from 5.00pm Sunday to 5.00pm Friday participating in all the routines and programs of the house. All meals are included and boarders are cared for by dedicated and experienced boarding staff. Mrs Lauren Kennedy, Director of Boarding is in close communication with the College teaching staff and leadership in order to fully support the growth and learning of each girl.

Casual boarding is for short term stays at the boarding house, where families can select specific night(s) each week to board across a term. Casual stays must be booked in advance and for a fixed number of nights for that week. Casual boarding may be useful when family members are away on work trips or have adhoc commitments that disrupting their schedule. Note casual boarding is subject to availability.

Boarding Fees

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To find out more, please download a copy of our Boarding Handbook above. Alternatively, please contact our Enrolments Team via [email protected] or +613 8862 1000.