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A Day in the Life

130 years
A Brief History of Boarding at Genazzano

Boarding has always been an important part of Genazzano FCJ College. Since the College began, boarding was managed by the Sisters Faithfull Companions of Jesus until the 1970s.

In the 1980s, a group of country parents formed Hopetoun Hall Inc. They obtained the Hopetoun Hall premises, organised staff and setup a boarding facility for their daughters and others so they could attend Genazzano FCJ College.

The original Hopetoun Hall premises has since been extended to incorporate the 40 bed residence that is in operation today.

Now managed and supported by the College, Hopetoun Hall is a thriving boarding community with most boarders coming from country Victoria and New South Wales, a small number of indigenous and International students.

We are very proud of our Boarding House and have certainly seen many young women pass through our doors. As we are the only Catholic Girls Boarding School in Victoria we hold a very privileged and responsible position within the boarding school industry.

Life in the Boarding House

Moving away for school is a significant milestone in your daughter’s life and your daughter may be feeling a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Most students adjust to boarding over time and most really enjoy their experiences and form lasting friendships. 

Hopetoun Hall is made up of two buildings. The main original building consists of common rooms including multipurpose, dining, sitting, computer and exercise rooms. The kitchen, laundry and food servery are also within this area.

Tutors attend the house twice per week and boarders may reserve a time with them. Parents who would like their daughter to have a session with a privately arranged tutor may do so.

Performance Psychology for Boarders

The Genazzano Performance Psychology team includes a number of psychologists who support all Genazzano students in their learning and wellbeing. The staff work very closely with boarders and run a program supporting them throughout their time at Genazzano, either individually or in a group.

Your daughter will receive a Boarders’ Handbook from Performance Psychology staff, which we encourage all girls to read through as it has some very practical advice and strategies for new boarders.

Our psychologists also prepare practical advice for boarding parents/guardians to assist your family with preparation and transition.