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130 years

Alumnae Gen Day Mass and Luncheon

To celebrate the 130th anniversary of Genazzano FCJ College, we invite all current, past and future families to join us for the Alumnae ‘Genazzano Day’, on Sunday 28 April.

The day will commence with Mass at 10.00am in the Genazzano Chapel. There will be an optional children’s liturgy at the same time. After Mass, our celebration includes food stalls, entertainment, face painting and coffee!

There will be original Gen cookies, pizza rolls by Concetta Roberts (1961) and cupcakes by Monique Milenkovic (Milesi, 1995) from The Cupcake Queens, available for a gold coin donation on the day. These donations will go towards the FCJ Missions. Alumna and entertainer, Brigid DeNeefe (1980) will be providing us with live music throughout the afternoon.

Please join us for a fun and celebratory day of our College’s history and the strong women of courage and faith who have been a part of the Genazzano College community for 130 years.

Where:              Genazzano FCJ College, 301 Cotham Road Kew

Mass:                10.00am (including Children's Liturgy)

Celebrations:    11.00am to 1.00pm

RSVP:                Sunday 14 April 2019 via