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130 years

Drama is a subject that engages body, mind and spirit in a dynamic and creative way. At Genazzano, we prepare students for the future by requiring that they think creatively, collaborate and plan to timelines while enhancing their literacy and confidence.

The Program

The Drama program provides students with an exemplary education in all aspects of drama, theatre production and performance. Along with a solid grounding in the History of Theatre, it includes current trends in contemporary practice and exposure to the Performing Arts industry in Australia and the world.

Specialist trained teachers lead classes from Prep to Year 12, with both Drama and Theatre Studies at Year 10 and VCE. There are curricular performance opportunities at all stages of learning, along with co-curricular performances with both St. Kevin’s and Xavier Colleges.

With access to two purpose-built theatre spaces, the intimate Wardell Theatre and the state-of-the-art Montagner Auditorium, Genazzano students have a host of opportunities for hands-on learning. Students write scripts, design costumes, create sets and stage lighting, participate in specialist workshops, and experience the thrill of collaborating with peers to create performances they are proud to be a part of!