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The ELC Difference

130 years

Genazzano's Five Points of Difference

At the Genazzano ELC, we recognise that excellence in early education and learning is transformative. This is what we continue to create in the ELC and defines our differences.


At Genazzano, we value each child for who they are. This is especially important in the Early Learning Centre where it is fundamental to us that every child experiences nurturing and caring relationships. We welcome differences in interests, development, personality and ability that every child brings and we respect that families and parenting styles are as different as each child. Our approach, supported by the FCJ framework, enables us to know and understand each child.​


The Early Learning Centre at Genazzano promotes imagination and curiosity through tinkering and Loose Parts Play. When you allow a child to take something apart, it nourishes their interest with feelings of confidence and discovery.  Tinkering and loose parts resembles inquiry-based learning, cooperative learning, and project-based learning, all of which are proven to have long-term positive effects on student achievement and success. Tinkering teaches children valuable lessons by helping develop fine motor skills, problem solving abilities and peer relationships. Our educators construct purposeful learning situations that encourage each child to explore hands on and real life learning.




Our ELC – Year 12 GenSTAR Program supports every aspect of a child’s development including learning, school readiness and cognitive and language development. Our qualified team of psychologists support children to learn how to manage life’s opportunities and challenges and build their coping skills to support their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing now and into the future.


We challenge our children to think critically about their place in the world. Our Nature Play Program teaches children to think and act sustainably. As part of this program our children engage in hands on garden-to-table practices in our edible garden and learn about bio diversity, indigenous gardening, eco systems and other sustainable practices.


We empower children through a thoughtful and intentional approach that encourages them to contribute and participate. When children are able to not only express an opinion or choice, but have that opinion or choice honoured and have an impact in their learning, they see themselves as someone who’s views and opinions matter.