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Physical Education

130 years

Physical Education is a vital aspect of the curriculum at Genazzano and important to student wellbeing. Our state-of-the-art sporting facilities and generous grounds provide an abundance of space and opportunities for students to be involved in all aspects of Physical Education, aiding to improve their skills and fitness levels.

Genazzano's facilities include a large oval, open grassed areas, 25m indoor heated pool, six tennis courts, six netball courts and an indoor gymnasium complex.


At all stages of learning, Physical Education at Genazzano aims to:

  • Emphasise skill learning through basic instruction

  • Provide fun and enjoyment for all students to foster their growth, fitness and development

  • Provide excitement and challenge, a sense of achievement and opportunity for success

  • Provide expert instruction to enable the acquisition of knowledge and skills

  • Provide opportunities for the utilisation of skills at a level appropriate to each student’s maturity and ability

  • Offer encouragement to participate actively in a wide range of sports and recreational activities, in a pleasant and safe environment, both as individuals and in groups

  • Endorse the principles of good sportswomanship by developing respect for the ability of team mates, opponents and officials

  • Ensure that thoughtful, sensitive and positive adult guidance is always present

  • Enable students to share in leadership and decision-making roles

  • Create an awareness of the value of physical fitness and of life long recreational sport

  • Provide the opportunity to make meaningful decisions about the use of leisure time

  • Enable all students to achieve high standards of learning and self-discipline, to develop self-confidence, optimism, responsibility and a sense of community.


GSV Sport, Saturday Netball, Rowing, Snowsports, Gymnastics and recreational sports are some of the co-curricular activities Genazzano offers. For more details, visit Sport at Genazzano.