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2017 College Captains and Prefects

07 Oct 2016

On the morning of Thursday 6 October, all of Genazzano came together for a very special Investiture Assembly, in celebration of the skills, talent and passion of our student leadership group, formally recognise and thank our outgoing prefects and captains, and warmly welcome our new group of inspirational young leaders.

Principal, Karen Jebb spoke at length about the attributes and qualities that best describe effective leaders; charismatic, confident, passionate, decisive and inspiring with a strong moral compass, to name a few. As members of a Catholic school community, it is much easier to understand the type of leader we should strive to be, as we have Jesus as our central role model.

“Our student leaders learn from the Genazzano prefects and captains who have gone before them, who inspired and challenged them. Most girls applying for formal student positions within the College speak of the leadership and vision displayed by past leaders, which encouraged them to make a similar contribution to the student community.  This group have left an inspirational legacy for others to serve in their place.

“Together with the wider Genazzano community, I wish to formally thank our 2016 College Captains, Madeleine Meehan and Lorena Stents for their efforts this year. They have been enthusiastic and faithful ambassadors. We have appreciated their optimism, engaging manner, constant smiling faces and hard work behind the scenes in the effective serving of our community. The College is richer for their leadership, and for this we are grateful,” she said.

Ms Jebb also extended her thanks to the whole student Prefect team, as they displayed continued commitment, enthusiasm, creativity and passion for our school upon the hill.

A total of 75 students applied for at least one leadership role in the coming year, and the process used to appoint students as prefects is a rigorous one.

Congratulations our 2017 College Captains, Marie Iliadis and Sophie Zebrowski, and our College Prefects:

  • Sustainability Prefect: Sara Gucciardo
  • Mission Prefect: Grace Ross-Farrell 
  • Boarding House Prefect: Tegan Cavallari
  • Music Prefect: Claudia Kuner
  • Social Justice: Heidi Scheffers
  • Debating and Public Speaking Prefect: Vivienne Williams
  • Drama Prefect: Emma James
  • Library Prefect: Julia Revere
  • Prep-8 College Prefect: Eliza Freeman
  • Sports Captain: Annaliese Bush
  • Sports Captain: Hannah Macdonald
  • Liturgy Prefect: Madeleine Anderson-Lucic
  • Student Voice Prefect: Bianca Poletti
  • Arts and Communication Prefect: Allegra Jenkins
  • Corry House Prefect: Emily Passaris
  • Stock House Prefect: Emily Kneale
  • Gerda House Prefect: Scarlett Ennis
  • d'Houet House Prefect: Chloe Psyhogios
  • Winter House Prefect: Chiara Lo Giudice
  • Douglas House Prefect: Paola Bombardieri

We look forward to you continuing the traditions of the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus, and the inspirational leaders in whose footsteps you now follow.