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2017 VCE Achievements

15 Dec 2017

On behalf of the Genazzano FCJ College community, we extend our sincere congratulations to each and every student in our VCE Class of 2017. Our students have once again achieved excellent results and made a significant contribution to the life of the College.

Genazzano FCJ College is a school that welcomes and supports all students to strive to achieve their personal excellence, and we are delighted to share with you their outstanding results. The median study score was 35, and the percentage of study scores greater than 40 was 22%. Notably, more than one in ten of our students received an ATAR of 98 or above.

Our College Dux, Isabelle Zupan, attained the highest Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank possible, 99.95. This outstanding result places Isabelle within the top seven female students of the state. Her results included three perfect scores in Chemistry, Mathematical Methods and English.

Along with Isabelle, the highest academic achievements attained were the following: Angee Liu (99.9), Emma Barham (99.8), Emily Harman (99.8), Jenny Liu (99.7), Caitlin Law (99.6), Bridget Miles (99.35), Sarina Conti (99.15), Phoebe Tang (99.05), Olivia Moscatelli (98.9), Vanessa Zhang (98.7), Hannah Macdonald (98.65), Cara O’Brien (98.3), Eloise Lee (98.05), and Chelsea Nguyen (98.05).

In addition to Isabelle’s three perfect study scores of 50, the following students also attained perfect scores: Emma Barham for Chemistry and Physical Education, Chelsea Nguyen for English, Bridget Miles for Italian, Angee Liu for Mathematical Methods, Mia Turzo for Studio Arts, and Giulia Scopece for Product Design & Technology.

For a more detailed list of our high achievers, please download a copy of the 2017 VCE Results flyer.

Genazzano FCJ College Principal, Ms Karen Jebb states, “The harmonious partnership between students, parents and teachers at Genazzano is highly evident. I acknowledge the guidance, commitment and dedication of not only the Year 12 teachers, but of those who have taught the students throughout their educational journey at the College. We are very proud of the achievements of all of our students. The College extends its gratitude and sincere thanks to our Year 12 teachers, all staff at the College and the wider school community for supporting and encouraging our girls throughout the year.”

It is a time of great celebration as a Genazzano FCJ College community and we extend our blessings and best wishes to each and every young woman in the class of 2017 – may you continue to demonstrate a passion for life, a love of learning and the courage and confidence to lead and to serve others.