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Another year of outstanding VCE results at Genazzano College in 2020

30 Dec 2020

Today, 162 Genazzano students from the Year 12, 2020 cohort received their VCE results and were able to close out the year on a high.

Congratulations to the entire year group for their diligence, perseverance and continued commitment to their studies, especially given the many weeks that were completed at a distance this year.

Emily Condon has been awarded College Dux 2020 with an ATAR rank of 99.8 and received perfect scores of 50 in Psychology and Health and Human Development.

Overall, the Genazzano class included 8% of students in the top 1% of the state; and 13 students achieved an ATAR at or above 99. A total of 72 students, 45%, achieved an ATAR greater than 90. The median ATAR was 88.3 and the median study score 34; with over 20 students achieving study scores greater than 45.

The following students achieved an ATAR at or above 99: Ruby Curtis (99.7), Lara Partridge (99.7), Chelsea Kwan (99.65), Emily Croagh (99.6), Ella McEvoy (99.5), Maeve Ryan (99.45), Ruby Atkin (99.25), Amelia Grounds (99.2), Anabel Robertson (99.15), Georgia Farlecas (99.05), Audrey Hogg (99.05) and Elissa Grossi (99.0).

There were also a number of students who attained perfect study scores as part of their outstanding results. Congratulations to Chanel Micelotta in Psychology, Lara Partridge in Italian, Ella McEvoy in English, Georgia Ryan in Media, Madeline Grave (Year 11) in Health and Human Development, Mary Ryan (Year 11) in Product Design and Technology and Prudence Spencer (Year 11) in Product Design and Technology.

These results recognise the tremendous effort of this year’s cohort and also pay tribute to the community of parents, carers, teachers and school leaders, who have played a valuable role in supporting these students during their VCE studies.

Ms Karen Jebb, 2020 Principal at Genazzano FCJ College, commented on outstanding results again this year.

“I am so proud of the Class of 2020 and the extraordinary results they have achieved this year, especially given the additional challenges they’ve faced with remote learning for a large part of the year”, Ms Jebb said.

“At Genazzano we encourage our students to take responsibility for their own learning, to challenge themselves but also take a holistic approach to their learning, balancing academic, social and co-curricular commitments”.

“The environment is one where they can grow personally and academically, find their niche and realise their strengths and talents, allowing them to develop a true love of learning”.

“To all our girls, you should be very proud of yourself and these achievements. The courage, confidence and leadership you’ve shown this year is truly remarkable”.

To read more about our outstanding results, click here.

Genazzano FCJ College is a Catholic Day and Boarding School in Kew offering a co-educational Early Learning Centre and all-girls’ environment from Prep to Year 12. It offers students a rounded education that prepares them to become resilient, adaptable and confident women.