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Anzac Day 2019

24 Apr 2019

During Homeroom on Wednesday 24 April, Genazzano students remembered and honoured all those who fought to protect our beautiful land. During a meaningful presentation by our College Captains, our students took the time to reflect on the Anzac spirit and appreciate their freedom and national pride for the ANZAC’s. 


As we reflect on the past 130 years of our College, the values that the Sisters instilled into the students back in 1915 are still very much the same for a Gen girl today. Genazzano encourages students to view the world with kindness and a commitment to sharing the importance of social justice, and companionship with god, creation and one another. We are grateful for the service men and women, from the very first ANZAC’s to those still serving their country now.  

Snapshot taken from ‘And the Spirit Lingers…’

For students at Genazzano from 1915, they were all very aware of what was happening overseas. Many had fathers or brothers who had gone to England to volunteer or who were part of the army. The sisters would share letters from other convents, which included several in France and Belgium, and the sisters and students would all sit together and pray. They knitted khaki socks and arranged little raffles for war charities. In 1916, selected students took part in an Allies Pagent at the Hawthorn Town Hall, with the proceeds going towards the War Office Fund.