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Celebrating Genazzano’s Student Leaders

17 Sep 2020

Each year, Genazzano FCJ College hosts an Investiture Assembly to give thanks to the student prefect team for their leadership in the last 12 months and to welcome newly appointed prefects for the coming year.

In 2020, where the whole school is learning remotely, we wanted to ensure that the Investiture was just as important as any other year, with the Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus, FCJ Education Board, College Council, parents, staff and students connecting virtually to acknowledge the incredible leadership and service of young women at Genazzano.

The Investiture Assembly began with a musical piece from the College Woodwind Ensemble, followed with a welcome from the 2020 College Captains, Ruby Atkin and Lola Crivelli, acknowledgement of country and prayer from Mission Prefect, Hannah Hill and Liturgy Prefect, Emily Croagh and Sustainability Prefect, Georgia Ryan.

Principal, Ms Karen Jebb lit the College Candle for the prayer and reading from the Gospel of Luke which focused on the nature of service and the meaning of true leadership modelled by Jesus. It was also a time to reflect on the 2020 College theme—Ignited by beauty, truth & goodness, inspired by the bicentenary celebration of the FCJ Society.

Emily shared that leadership was not about just wearing a badge and that there are many Gen Girls who lead in a variety of ways. At Gen, it is about remembering we are faithful companions of Jesus, who are called to love and serve one another. The community prayed for those being appointed as 2021 prefects and that they may have the courage and confidence to lead and serve others and to deliver our promise to ‘welcome, listen and act justly in words and action’.

Ms Jebb then extended a welcome to all and reflected on our Catholic faith, FCJ charism and identity at the College. She explained how we are inspired by the leadership of Jesus who models kindness and service; and how the legacy of Marie Madeleine d’Houët, founder of the FCJ Society, continues to flourish today.

Ms Jebb acknowledged the faith, courage and confidence of all our 2020 prefects, who gave enormously to our school community during a very unusual and challenging year.

“Thank you to our 2020 prefect team, you have been outstanding role models and faithful companions. Your enthusiasm, dedication and encouragement has built upon our wonderful school spirit...”

“You have risen to the leadership challenge in extraordinary ways, adapting to an online environment, inspiring girls with videos and reaching out for a ‘Zoom’ chat”, she said.

Ms Jebb thanked Lola and Ruby for leading the school community with optimism, passion and kindness, for their outstanding commitment and for being true ambassadors of Genazzano.

It was then time to congratulate the new prefect team with a symbolic hand over of roles from one position to another, from one faithful companion and leader to the next.

“Twenty-two Year 11 girls applied for College Captain and 61 for a leadership role for the coming year, demonstrating the strength of our community and desire to serve”, shared Ms Jebb.

“We have appointed 22 students to formal prefect roles... but recognise our student leaders at all year levels... you have so much to offer”.

Lola and Ruby delivered their final address to the student body as the 2020 College Captains which centred on their motto, ‘Be my Sister’. They explained how this was about the Genazzano sisterhood, one that fosters friendship, joy and the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone – every Gen girl to shine.

They shared how the Genazzano school spirit is contagious and whether it’s been through virtual marathons or music moments, it’s continued to shine throughout the year; and reminded us all to keep encouraging and pushing one another to be the best version of yourself; and that together, anything is possible.

Each prefect then handed on their leadership position to the new prefect for 2021, with all the newly appointed leaders joining to pledge their promise to the school community.

Thank you to the 2020 student leaders and congratulations to the new prefect team, we invite you each to embrace your new roles and commit to serving in a manner that highlights the privilege and honour of your office.

The 2021 Prefect Team:

College Captains  

Sarah Salib and Sophia Connor

Liturgy Prefect   

Ella Redman

Mission Prefect    

Lucienne Elliott

Social Justice Prefect 

Lucie McLeod

Sustainability Prefect

Orietta Fitzsimmons

Boarding House Prefect

Georgia Kennedy

Debating and Public Speaking Prefect 

Lucy Jack

Drama Prefect   

Tulipa Rodriguez-Quin

Library Prefect  

Chiara Guglielmi

Music Prefect

Darby Easton

Prep to Year 6 College Prefect  

Alice Davine

Sports Captains 

Caitlin Abrahams and Madeline Grave

Student Voice Prefect

Mia MacIsaac

Arts and Communication Prefect 

Prue Spencer

Corry House Prefect

Veronika van Daatselaar

d'Houet House Prefect 

Isabel Finch

Douglas House Prefect 

Michela Bombardieri

Gerda House Prefect

Anja Rozanic

Stock House Prefect

Alessandra Joseph

Winter House Prefect 

Lucy Lentini


Sarah Salib and Sophia Connor, concluded the Investiture Assembly by delivering their very first address as new College Captains.

“We admire the welcoming community that we are so fortunate to be part of... and are privileged to lead with courage and confidence... We cannot wait to be your sister as we learn more about each of you”.

“We are, and always will be a Gen girl... someone who puts her hand up for activities... gives up her seat on the tram without being asked... whose positive attitude can be noticed instantly and the student who tries her best in sporting, musical and academic pursuits”.

The Captains also thanked the current Year 12 cohort for their amazing resilience and the positive example they’ve set every day. To this end, they introduced their 2021 theme, ‘Better Together’.

With this, they encouraged our community to continue to reach out and be a companion to each other, inviting everyone to join in the school song as a final celebration of the Investiture.

Genazzano FCJ College is a Catholic Day and Boarding School in Kew offering a co-educational Early Learning Centre and all-girls' environment from Prep to Year 12. It offers students a rounded education that prepares them to become resilient, adaptable and confident women.

Photo: 2021 College Captains, Sarah Salib and Sophia Connor at the 2020 Online Investiture Assembly.

Photo: The new prefect team making their pledge to the school community.