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Celebration of Sport

12 Oct 2016

On Tuesday 11 October, the College community came together to celebrate sporting excellence at Genazzano FCJ College at our annual Celebration of Sports evening.

Besides just being fun, sports can help you perform better in school, relax more and worry less, deal with setbacks, work better with others and increase your energy - all of which helps you balance school and everything else going on in your life.

We celebrated all these benefits and much more - the outstanding achievement of students in their chosen sports, both at school and in the various Sporting Associations in which they participate. These include GSV (Girls’ Sport Victoria), SCSA (Secondary Catholic Sporting Association) and SSV (School Sport Victoria).

The guest speaker for the evening was Bridget Barker, 2015 AFL Woman of the Year (Emerging Leader) - an award she deservedly received following her contribution to the game as a player, coach and employee.

Congratulations to all students whose achievements were acknowledged for their involvement, sportsmanship, team spirit and passion. View the full list of award winners below.

Photo gallery


Sophie Farlecas - Early Middle Years (Years 5-6)
Emily Condon - Upper Middle Years (Years 7-8)
Emily Kneale - Later Years (Years 9-11)


Jessica Bates - GSV Junior Basketball
Emily Kneale - GSV Intermediate Basketball
Jemima Dwyer - GSV Junior Cricket
Emily Sheehan -  GSV Senior Cricket
Odette Lynch - GSV Junior Water Polo
Jemima Dwyer - GSV Junior Diving
Bianca DiMattina - GSV Intermediate Diving
Kellie Woodhouse - GSV Senior Diving
Hannah Hill - GSV Junior Indoor Cricket
Gia Harris - GSV Intermediate Indoor Cricket
Katia Dodds - GSV Senior Indoor Cricket
Ruby Atkin - GSV Junior Softball
Lily Gilmour - GSV Junior Swimming
Megan Grimshaw - GSV Intermediate Swimming
Sara Whitten - GSV Senior Swimming
Mara Nicolini - GSV Junior Tennis
Emily Coslovich - GSV Intermediate Tennis
Alesha Kendall - GSV Senior Tennis
Chiara Chiarelli - Year 5 Netball
Charli Wapshott - Year 6 T Ball
Madeleine Meehan - Pierre De Coubertin Award
Anja Rozanic - SSV Water Polo (2015)
Izabella Morrison - SSV Swimming
Izabella Morrison - SSV Cross Country
Eliza Board - SSV Athletics
Alice O'Loughlin - GSV Junior AFL
Lily Barr - GSV Senior AFL
Emily Kneale - GSV Senior Basketball
Alissa Ramsdale - GSV Junior Cross Country
Molly McCarthy - GSV Intermediate Cross Country
Kaitlin Barr - GSV Senior Cross Country
Annabel Kennedy - GSV Junior Hockey
Ella Laussen - GSV Intermediate Hockey
Tessa Guthrie - GSV Senior Hockey
Amelia James - GSV Junior Netball
Annalise Barlow - GSV Intermediate Netball
Emma O'Shaughnessy - GSV Senior Netball
Hannah Macdonald - GSV Senior Water Polo
Samantha Bianco - Year 5 T-ball
Kristen Smith - Year 6 Basketball
Tulipa Rodriguez-Quin - GSV Junior Athletics Track
Alexandra Condilis - GSV Junior Athletics Field
Eliza O'Donnell - GSV Intermediate Athletics Track
Joanna O'Connell - GSV Intermediate Athletics Field
Kaitlin Barr - GSV Senior Athletics Track
Annaliese Bush - GSV Senior Athletics Field
Jie Qin - GSV Junior Badminton
Sarannie Tong - GSV Intermediate Badminton
Queenie Lai - GSV Senior Badminton
Naomi Lee - Gymnastics Junior
Annabelle Dawson - Gymnastics Intermediate
Catherine Renehan - GSV Junior Soccer
Anna Frazer - GSV Intermediate Soccer
Adele Fornarino - GSV Senior Soccer
Bridget Henry - Snow Sports Junior (Year 5-9)
Mary Henry - Snow Sports Senior (Year 10-12)
Claudia Summers - GSV Junior Volleyball
Georgina Short - GSV Intermediate Volleyball
Elizabeth McCarthy - GSV Senior Volleyball
Sarah Calvisi - Year 5 and 6 Hooptime Basketball
Anna Stone - Year 5 Soccer
Grace Boyd - Year 6 Netball
Ruby Vanden Boom - Saturday Netball Primary
Emily Condon - Saturday Netball Junior
Emma Gray - Saturday Netball Intermediate
Lucy Davies - Saturday Netball Senior
Alessia Kapakoulakis - Champions Cup Basketball Junior
Hannah McLaren - Champions Cup Basketball Inters
Katia Dodds - Champions Cup Basketball Senior
Sarah Calvisi - Vic School Girls Primary
Amber Kerr - Vic School Girls Junior
Gabrielle Clarke - Vic School Girls Intermediate
Clare Vearing - Vic School Girls Senior


Truc Anh Nguyen - Junior Basketball
Gia Harris - GSV Intermediate Basketball
Isabella Senyard - GSV Junior Cricket
Amelia Lewis - GSV Senior Cricket
Amelia Johnston - GSV Junior Water Polo
Taiya Whelan - GSV Junior Diving
Ella Boyhan - GSV Intermediate Diving
Annabel Sharkey - GSV Senior Diving
Emily Air - GSV Junior Indoor Cricket
Elena Murphy - GSV Intermediate Indoor Cricket
Amelia Di Cristofaro - GSV Senior Indoor Cricket
Tessa Carrazzo - GSV Junior Softball
Maeve Ryan - GSV Junior Swimming
Allegra Mattioli - GSV Intermediate Swimming
Ashlin Holdsworth - GSV Senior Swimming
Eliza Bonnett - GSV Junior Tennis
Melissa Comito - GSV Intermediate Tennis
Emily Kneale - GSV Senior Tennis
Alexandria Abeyewardene - Year 5 Netball
Chloe Bonnett - Year 6 T Ball
Isabel Finch - SSV Water Polo (2015)
Emily Rowland - SSV Swimming
Ruby Vanden Boom - SSV Cross Country
Isabella Farmer - SSV Athletics
Lia Siniakov - SSV Sport and Academic Achievement
Lucia La Rosa - GSV Junior AFL
Eliza Straford - GSV Senior AFL
Stephanie Zago - GSV Senior Basketball
Madeline Grave - GSV Junior Cross Country
Anna Frazer - GSV Intermediate Cross Country
Stephanie Zago - GSV Senior Cross Country
Camryn Bailey - GSV Junior Hockey
Dominique Garcia - GSV Intermediate Hockey
Emma Vergano - GSV Senior Hockey
Sophie Collison - GSV Junior Netball
Ruby Van Daatselaar - GSV Intermediate Netball
Cecilia Stewart - GSV Senior Netball
Ashlin Holdsworth -  GSV Senior Water Polo
Amy Jones - Year 5 T-ball
Isabella Orbach - Year 6 Basketball
Lily Gilmour - GSV Junior Athletics Track
Grace Thistlethwayte - GSV Junior Athletics Field
Anna Frazer - GSV Intermediate Athletics Track
Paris Haussegger - GSV Intermediate Athletics Field
Emma Barham - GSV Senior Athletics Track
Helen Crews - GSV Senior Athletics Field
Audrey Hogg - GSV Junior Badminton
Sinead Commane - GSV Intermediate Badminton
Kristina Yang - GSV Senior Badminton
Isabel Rattray - Gymnastics Junior
Mary Henry - Gymnastics Intermediate
Amelia Di Cristofaro - Gymnastics Senior
Eleanor Shea - GSV Junior Soccer
Eleanor Fitzgerald - GSV Intermediate Soccer
Lily Barr - GSV Senior Soccer
Emily Holdsworth - Snow Sports Junior (Year 5-9)
Erika Choong - Snow Sports Senior (Year 10-12)
Chanel Micelotta - GSV Junior Volleyball
Madison Daffy - GSV Intermediate Volleyball
Josiane Dimmock - GSV Senior Volleyball
Chiara Grigg - Year 5 and 6 Hooptime Basketball
Isabelle Whelan - Year 5 Soccer
Alannah Scalzo - Year 6 Netball
Isabelle Luckman - Saturday Netball Primary
Anabel Robertson - Saturday Netball Junior
Sophie Lay - Saturday Netball Intermediate
Michaela Weinstein - Saturday Netball Senior
Ashleigh Pop - Saturday Netball Senior
Georgia Ghantous - Champions Cup Basketball Junior
Dominique Garcia - Champions Cup Basketball Inters
Michaela Weinstein - Champions Cup Basketball Senior
Madeleine Taylor - Vic School Girls Primary
Juliet Minahan - Vic School Girls Junior
Lily Matthews - Vic School Girls Intermediate
Emma Borin - Vic School Girls Senior
Molly McCarthy - GSV Cross Country
Clare Vearing - GSV Netball


Allegra Mattioli - Gen Aquatic Captain
Isabella Senyard - Gen Aquatic Coaches Award – Silver Squad
Amelia Johnston - Gen Aquatic Coaches Award – Silver Squad
Hannah Macdonald - Gen Aquatic Club Champion 14 Years and over Female
Isabella Senyard - Gen Aquatic Club Champion 14 Years and over Female
Allegra Mattioli - Gen Aquatic Club Aggregate Award – Gold Squad
Amelia Johnston - Gen Aquatic Club Aggregate Award – Silver Squad
Alice Evans - Gen Aquatic Club Aggregate Award – Bronze Squad


Lily Barr - Rowing Captains
Adita Singh - Rowing Captains
Emma Vergano - Sculling Champion
Alexandra Somerville - Rower of the Year - Senior
Hannah Salter - Rower of the Year - Junior
Clare Robertson - Most Improved Rower - Senior
Mia Lewis - Most Improved Rower - Junior
Eliza Straford - Senior Coxswain of the Year
Paris Haussegger - Junior Coxswain of the Year
Melissa Comito - First Year Rower of the Year
Grace Burnes - Most dedicated Year 9 Rower
Antonietta Di Cosmo - Most dedicated Year 10 Rower
Ruby Binios - Most dedicated Senior Rower
Caroline Straford - Most improved Senior Cox
Georgia Randles - Most Improved Junior Cox
Gabrielle Clarke - Ergo Champion - Junior
Gabriella Morgan - Ergo Champion - Senior