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Developing independence and a lifelong love of learning through boarding

18 May 2020

Victoria's only Catholic all-girls' boarding school, Genazzano has a long and proud history of educating and nurturing the wellbeing of its students for well over a century.

Its Hopetoun Hall Boarding House accepts students from Year 7 upwards and offers a safe and welcoming community where girls are fully supported by boarding staff and their peers, as shared by 2020 Boarding Prefect, Micaela Kennedy from Mulwala.

“My favourite thing about Hopetoun Hall is the small community that allows for all of us to get to know one another”, she said.

“The environment the House has created provides an easy way of making everlasting friendships.

“It’s a home away from home, like a second family of my own”.

Within Hopetoun Hall, boarders are involved in social activities, study routines and specific educational programs, including tutoring. Boarders are responsible for organising themselves and managing their time, just as they would in their own homes.

These responsibilities assist in the development of independent life skills and prepares them for life beyond the College.

During their time as boarders, girls are provided many opportunities to immerse themselves in co-curricular activities including music, creative arts and sport and are encouraged to participate socially in events, including family celebrations and group excursions.

Micaela is a keen sports woman, who has represented the College at International Sporting Tours for netball and rowing and has a strong interest in physical education and wellbeing.

“I love the opportunities that present themselves when stepping out of your comfort zone at Genazzano”, she said.

“For example, enhancing your sporting abilities and supporting personal growth, discipline and resilience”.

At Genazzano, the all-girls environment from Prep to Year 12 offers a community where all girls feel supported to be themselves. Students who attend a girls' school enjoy not only equal opportunity, but every opportunity, and can develop the confidence and skills they need to make their mark in life.

Within the Senior School, students are encouraged to make decisions about their own learning and explore new areas of study through electives. It is also a time to strengthen their social skills and develop more meaningful relationships with their peers and adults, both within the College and the wider community.

Several Hopetoun Hall alumnae are achieving great things following their education at Genazzano College.

Recently Grace Conrick, (Alumna 2011) from Mansfield in country Victoria, featured in an ABC article regarding the halt to her long-held travel dreams.  

Grace, who boarded at Hopetoun Hall from Year 9 to Year 12, is a 26-year-old nurse and was planning to move to London next year with her partner to work and travel.

She is currently undertaking post-graduate study which is due to finish at the end of the year and is drawn to the idea of seeing the kaleidoscopic cultures of mainland Europe while working in a different health system.

Another Alumna, Charlotte Gemmill (2014), recently released her second single, Circles on Triple J. At 14, Charlotte was already writing original music and at 21 released her debut EP (extended play), Bold Enough. To explore Charlotte’s music search for ‘Elliott’ on Spotify.    

With a rich musical and choral tradition and up to 30 music ensembles, Genazzano students have plenty of opportunities to discover the joy of music through singing or learning an instrument.

And with access to an extensive curriculum and over 130 co-curricular activities, students have the opportunity to excel at every level, wherever their talents and passions lie.

Genazzano FCJ College is a Catholic Day and Boarding School in Kew offering a co-educational Early Learning Centre and all-girls environment from Prep to Year 12. It offers students a rounded education that prepares them to become resilient, adaptable and confident women.

Genazzano boarders enjoying their second family.

Genazzano boarders getting to know one another.