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Drama at Gen is buzzing with students using head, hearts and hands to bring stories to life!

07 Jun 2019

Our Year 5s have enhanced their literacy through Drama using Maraget Wild’s Fox, by exploring the inner thoughts and motivations of animal characters and how they might reflect attitudes in the human world.


Year 6 have begun rehearsals for the Year 5/6 musical Honk Jr – learning choreography with their teacher and Director, Bianca Farley.

Year 7s have delved into the history of the French Resistance movement and are using their Drama skills to create characters that were courageous in resisting oppression.

Year 8s have performed character from commedia dell’arte. Analysing what makes situations funny, including the ‘laws’ of comedy and use slapstick, puns and scenarios to create parody and satire.


Year 9 Theatre Studies students are in the final preparations for their play House on Fire by Debra Oswald, performing on 17 and 19 June at 7.00pm in the Wardell Theatre. Students use text analysis and design principles and theatre technology to create set, lighting, props and sound for the performance.

The Year 7 and 8 Co-curricular play, Mary Poppins Jr is in the final stretch of rehearsals before we break for holidays. The show opens on 24 and 25 July at 7.00pm in the Montagner Auditorium. Book your tickets now via