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First Place in NAO Robot Dance Competition

09 Sep 2016

Our Year 5 GenTech students, Audrey Culliver, Anna Stone and Asher Kennedy have spent the past two terms programming the College’s NAO humanoid robot. Their hard work and persistence paid off, with first place in the Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV) NAO Robot Dance Competition, held at RMIT on Thursday 1 September. It was a tense last five minutes before the judges viewed the students’ work, as some final adjustments needed to be made. However, the months of problem solving saved the day, as the girls realised some of their code was being overridden by a semi-autonomous function, which they switched off at the last minute. Right on time, the code and the NAO was ready to go and the students won! Congratulations, Audrey, Anna and Asher.