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Genazzano Boarding

16 May 2017

Our College's renowned boarding offering featured in The Age


A school with over a century of experience with live-in students, writes A.B. Bishop

girl in boarding house

Genazzano FCJ College was founded in 1889 by the Faithful Companions of Jesus order as a boarding school for country girls.
“Boarding is a significant and important aspect of the offerings of Genazzano FCJ College,’’ says Director of Boarding Lauren Kennedy. ‘‘The school community is very proud of Hopetoun Hall, our boarding house,which has space for 40 boarders.” Girls from Year 7 upwards can board, with full-time, weekly and casual options available. “Our population is largely rural and includes Indigenous students, however, this varies from year to year. This year, 70 per cent of boarders are from rural areas including Indigenous students, whilst the other boarders are international students,”says Kennedy.
Adjusting to life away from family, friends and home for an extended period of time takes getting used to and most girls experience homesickness. “Boarding staff are highly experienced in providing support and work closely with parents to help boarders overcome these challenges,” says Kennedy. “With induction programs, involvement in co-curricular activities and house activities new boarders settle quickly. “One of the most effective supports for boarders is the older boarders. Having experienced homesickness themselves they have genuine empathy for one another and willingly provide practical support.

‘‘This level of care and consideration is one of the many special features within our boarding house. The boarding house has a boarding prefect and boarding captain and the senior students become part of a leadership team. They lead and provide exceptional support to the younger students in the boarding house.”

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