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Genazzano connects with students in innovative ways

08 Apr 2020

Genazzano FCJ College recently implemented it’s Learning at a Distance program, with students completing the last week of Term One from home. Utilising its learning management system, GenConnect, students, teachers and parents connected remotely to ensure teaching and learning wasn’t disrupted.

This approach was also embraced by our Sport Team who ensured that the co-curricular priorities of sport and fitness kept students engaged at home.

It was the Gen Sport Captains that led the way as part of the Learning at a Distance program, posting daily workouts on the GenConnect portal and highlights of the workouts including motivational quotes each day to @genfcjsport Instagram. The workouts replicated some of the typical daily fitness sessions available at the College and allowed students the flexibility to complete the workouts in their own time.

Online Run Club and Ride Club groups were also formed using the social-fitness network, Strava. These online communities promote and encourage daily physical activity by tracking movement through GPS.

The benefits of these online communities enable Gen students to stay connected and continue to receive encouragement and support from their peers and coaches, as described by Director of Sport, Mr Nick Wall.

“The benefits of these communities is that our coaches can still provide real time feedback to our active girls as they complete prescribed weekly sessions", he said.

“Another positive outcome has been the engagement of girls who have turned to exercise as a source of stress relief as they look to maximise their study efficiency at home.

“Our staff and captains perform as role models as they set the standard of physical activity and create a sense of belonging—one of the most important benefits of sport and team activities”.

This commitment continued into the school holidays with virtual excursions for Year 12 Studio Arts students. At the end of March and early April, VCE Arts students attended two live online virtual excursions at the National Gallery of Victoria to complement their practical and theoretical coursework for Unit 3.

Organised by teacher, Ms Wendy Ampt, in conjunction with NGV, students connected with a gallerist who walked and talked them through the Top Arts and Basquiet / Haring exhibits. The virtual excursions lasted about 45 minutes and included an opportunity for students to ask questions.

Ms Ampt was thrilled with the results and uptake from her students.

“It was a fantastic hour of viewing and chats. The 15 student who attended thought it was ‘awesome’ and NGV provided follow up resources for students with information covered in the tour”, she said.

“It was the best Top Arts excursion I have ever experienced, very informative and a great inspiration for my students”.

Genazzano FCJ College has used its learning management system for some time to supplement students’ study at home and keep its community connected. This recently shifted to the next level, hosting over 850 students, 160 staff and 230 parents during its final week of Term and will continue as the primary education platform into Term Two.  

Principal, Ms Karen Jebb commented on the recent innovation and how the Gen community is embracing learning at a distance.

“We have received some wonderful feedback from students and parents”, she said.

“I’m so pleased to see our community embracing this new way of learning and the different opportunities we’re offering our students, even during the holidays.

“Congratulations on organising such a great initiative Wendy”.

Ms Jebb shared similar sentiments about the innovative sports programs on offer and how they can assist our community to stay fit and healthy.

“I’m so incredibly proud of our Sports Captains and Director of Sport, Mr Nick Wall who have supported our girls to keep fit at home and maintain good physical and mental health”, she said.

“I supplemented my own running program with the strength and conditioning exercises posted by our Sports Captains – they were certainly challenging and effective”.  

A typical week at Genazzano sees more than 50 sport and fitness sessions being delivered across 26 different sports and seven fitness programs, in addition to the extensive curriculum including arts, drama, languages, music, maths, technology and science.

Congratulations to everyone involved in our Learning at a Distance program and our creative and talented educators and student captains who are constantly innovating new ways to connect and learn together.

Virtual excursion at NGV - Crossing Lines Basquiet / Haring Exhibition.


Student post shared with Gen Run Club using Strava platform.