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Genazzano Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences

05 May 2017

College celebrates the launch of new Institute

On Thursday 27 April, Genazzano FCJ College celebrated the launch of the Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences. This initiative promotes knowledge, research and best practice in educational neuroscience for students, educators and the wider community.

The evening entailed an interesting, informative and engaging presentation by renowned clinical psychologist and author, Mr Andrew Fuller, who focused on the importance and versatility of our brains as young children and adults. He informed the audience of the various intricacies and complexities of brain function, and how interconnected all the functions of life, which we engage in on a regular basis, are to one another.

New research into brain functioning shows us that parents and educators can do a lot to assist students to maximise cognitive functions that are key to learning. Memory, concentration, creativity, organisation and confidence can all be developed to support improved learning. Students who love learning are motivated to try harder, delve deeper, and persist with challenges.

Fuller stressed the significance of this creativity in his presentation, stating young people are allowed to create their own ‘messy problems’ to problem solve through. In addition, he highlighted the importance of learning as an experience, and engaging young people to become experience-rich throughout their lives, not just knowledge-rich.

College Principal, Ms Karen Jebb, reflected on the launch of the initiative.

“As an educational environment, we aim to constantly improve; where what we do well becomes better, and what we do better than others, becomes the best.

“One of the most satisfying aspects about being in education, is that the job is never complete, the learning journey is never over - we grow, we change, we move forward and we are challenge to become better than we were yesterday.

“This is why I am so excited about the launch of our Genazzano Institute of Learning and Brain Science, as it will take us into a stimulating future of the ‘science of learning’ within a faith-filled community, and aligns with Genazzano’s quest to be innovative and transformative.”

Visit the Genazzano Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences website to find out more. 

To learn more about the work Fuller does, visit his website. There are free resources available to parents and educators.

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