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Genazzano launches microcredentials platform

16 Nov 2020

Genazzano FCJ College is delighted to announce the launch of its new Emergence Program and microcredentials platform for Genazzano students.

Verified digital badges, or microcredentials, will now be issued by the Genazzano Institute of Learning & Brain Sciences, to students and staff to showcase their learning, skills, experiences and capabilities.

Delivered in partnership with Credly Acclaim and Everitas, the platform allows participants to showcase their accomplishments by building their personal portfolio and creating an amazing CV. The initiative is open to all educators, students and professionals participating in programs aligned with the Institute.

The badges are also designed to be shared on social media so recipients can quickly be recognised for their expertise.

The College has commenced the microcredentials initiative with an end of year program for Year 9 students called GenEncounter. This blended curriculum and wellbeing program takes students beyond the gates into a world of possibilities and infinite adventures. The focus is on building and strengthening each student’s ability to understand and manage their emotions and develop their sense of self and resilience together.

“We are excited to introduce the Emergence Program to students this year”, shared Ms Catherine Brandon, Director of the Genazzano Institute of Learning & Brain Sciences.

“It has been such an unusual year and rewarding students for completing a new learning program (GenEncounter) linked so closely to their wellbeing and self development is just wonderful”.

“This new platform opens up the opportunities to recognise our students as 21st Century learners who are adequately equipped with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the global world we live in”. 

There will be a number of badges awarded as part of the broader Emergence Program to recognise a variety of skills and capabilities including: leadership, metacognition, careers skills, innovation, design, digital technologies and more.

Similarly, professional practice digital badges will be available for professional learning programs and courses run through the Institute. These programs are designed and delivered in collaboration with experts and employ the latest research and best practice in evidence based learning.

The Genazzano Institute of Learning & Brain Sciences has established a position at the forefront of utilising neuroscientific research in school education to improve learning and teaching. The aim is to provide exceptional student and staff learning experiences by working with key partners to leverage advancements in the fields of neuroscience, education, psychology, environmental design, health and information technology.

Genazzano FCJ College is a Catholic Day and Boarding School in Kew offering a co-educational Early Learning Centre and all-girls’ environment from Prep to Year 12. It offers students a rounded education that prepares them to become resilient, adaptable and confident women.