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Gen's Got Talent

16 Sep 2016

As we farewelled Term 3, the girls at Genazzano FCJ College prepared for the holidays by showcasing the many gifts and talents with which they are blessed.

Gen’s Got Talent, an annual school event, is the last house event for the year and provides each group with the opportunity to present both a small and large act for adjudication by the five judges, who included Ms Janet Dawson, Ms Alison Heard, Mr Sam Jackson, Jacinta Ryan (Music Prefect) and Claudia Harris (Drama Prefect).

We were treated to an amazing array of musical, dramatic and comedy performances, from both groups and individuals, and sporting prowess in the form of a taekwondo demonstration! We enjoyed the re-enactment of Mary Roach on American Idol and Carpool Karaoke, and we were then transported through a musical time capsule to enjoy hit songs from Amy Winehouse, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls and Beyoncé.

All performers were well rehearsed, choreographed, entertaining and engaging, however as the girls were competing for house points there had to be an ultimate winner on the day, and they were:

  • Alanna from Douglas House who performed a brilliant dance routine (Small Act)
  • The group from Winter House who performed ‘Halo’ by Beyoncé (Large Act)

The overall winner on the day was Winter. Well done to all the participants and their supporters for their commitment, the audience was treated to an array of talent. 

We can’t wait for next year!

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