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Great School Library

23 Mar 2016

Genazzano FCJ College library named a Great School Library

Last year, ALIA (Australian Library and Information Association) ran a campaign to identify great school libraries across Australia.

They were looking for libraries that help children and young people find reliable information; use the information effectively; think critically; make informed decisions; work productively with others; build knowledge and understanding of the world; safely navigate the internet; communicate and share their ideas; and find great reads to meet personal interests and abilities.

We are pleased to announce the Genazzano FCJ College library service has been listed in the recently released honours list.

Nearly 600 students, teachers, parents, principals, library staff and other members of the community nominated their school libraries and told us why they deserved the accolade of being named a Great School Library.  Supporting materials included drawings, stories, quotes and photographs detailing how much these libraries were valued.

We are obviously proud of this achievement – as a number of our students and staff wrote recommendations that enabled us to make the list.

For more information visit the Australia's Great School Libraries - Honours List website.