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Health Sciences at Genazzano

03 May 2019

At Genazzano, our students engage in a Health and Food Studies curriculum that is contemporary, relevant, challenging and engaging. In just the first two weeks of Term Two, our students have taken part in sport and aqua aerobics, dance, taken an excursion to Exercise Research Australia, participated in a ‘No Limits No Boundaries’ immersion, completed a food design challenge, and worked with renowned pastry chef Michael Leidler to design, make and decorate gingerbread houses. 

Year 8 Food Studies: Food Design Challenge

Year 8 Food Studies commenced their main assessment task for the year, where they will work in pairs to design a healthy lunch. The meal will be prepared and eaten at school. Through this assessment, the students are challenged to cover four of the five food groups and include seasonal foods within their food plan.  

Year 8 PE: Sport Aerobics

Year 8 PE students have commenced learning and rehearsing the Gymnastic Australia AeroSchools level 1 routine. They will have several weeks to practice before they complete an assessment on their ability to perform the routine.

Year 9 PE Core: Dance

As part of the Year 9 PE Dance unit, students will be led by external instructors who will take them through a variety of dance genres; Hip Hop, Jazz, Bollywood and Contemporary. Students will then be required to select a genre and create their own dance routine which will be performed and assessed later this term.

Year 9 PE Elective: No Limits No Boundaries

This week, a group of Year 9 students headed off for an adventurous day in the Dandenong Ranges. Throughout the day, they tested their own personal limits and physical boundaries. They participated in a course at Trees Adventures at Glen Harrows Park in Belgrave, and tackled the Kokoda Memorial Walk (1,000 steps) in Ferntree Gully.

Year 9 Food Studies Elective: Celebrating with Food

For the past 12 years, Genazzano has welcomed renowned pastry chef, Michael Leidler from Zimt Patisserie Bakery Café in Surrey Hills. He spends the day working with our students to bake, design and create a Ginger Bread house. Some students find the day long and challenging, but incredibly worthwhile and all students leave with their own creation of which they can feel very proud.


Year 10 PE: Aqua Aerobics

As part of the year 10 Physical Education program, this week students participated in an Aqua exercise class. Many students were pleasantly surprised at how fun the class was and also how physically challenging some of the exercises were. One of the key objectives behind the Physical Education program at Genazzano is for senior students to be exposed to a variety of physical activities. This is in hope that beyond their years at Genazzano, students choose to engage in physical activity as part of their everyday life. Participation any in physical activity should first and foremost be enjoyable, physically challenging and engage both the mind and body.


VCE PE: ERA Excursion

VCE Physical Education students attended Exercise Research Australia (ERA), which is the preferred service provider of physiological testing of the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS). ERA is the only commercial fitness testing facility in Victoria recognised as meeting the operating standards established by the National Sports Science Quality Assurance Program. They provide specialised VCE Physical Education programs which support learning through quality presentations and practical experiences. Students participated in two interactive theory and laboratory activities across the day to maximise learning outcomes of the current area of study - How does the body produce energy?