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Introducing Genazzano's New Deputy Principal

09 Jun 2017

Announcment of new Deputy Principal at Genazzano FCJ College

Genazzano FCJ College is delighted to announce the appointment of the new Deputy Principal, Eryn O’Mahony.

Eryn has extensive experience in Catholic education over five Catholic Colleges, where she has served in numerous leadership positions in both student wellbeing and learning. Eryn also has experience in staff recruitment, timetabling, whole school budgets, building programs and human resources. Eryn is currently the Deputy Principal of Learning and Teaching at Catholic Regional College North Keilor, which is a position she has held for five years. She has completed a Masters of Educational Leadership at ACU and a Post Graduate Diploma in Student Wellbeing at Melbourne University. Eryn is currently studying a Post Graduate Certificate in Religious Education through ACU.

Eryn writes, “to be a leader in a faith-based school is an enormous responsibility, particularly a Catholic school for girls such as Genazzano FCJ College, which has such rich traditions and connections to the FCJ Charism. To be a woman of faith in a Catholic faith-based school has required me to reflect deeply on my own beliefs and decision-making processes to ensure my behaviour is authentic and closely aligned with the Gospel Values of our Church.”

Having an extensive background in girls’ education, through previous appointments at St Columba’s College, Mercy College and Kilmaire College, Eryn has the experience and knowledge to continue to support the growth and development of every girl at Genazzano FCJ College. Eryn is committed to ensuring learning is a highly personal experience for all students, where each learner is supported to be adventurous, determined, creative and have a deep engagement with the important issues that shape her world. Eryn believes that a girls’ school is the optimum environment to prepare young women to take their place in society in their chosen field. She recognises that in our contemporary world there are many challenges for young women and as educators in a Catholic school it is imperative that we guide and equip these young women to deal with these many complexities including the demands social media pose.

Eryn has also had extensive experience presenting at Teaching, Learning and Wellbeing conferences and at Catholic Education Melbourne events. Eryn brings much professional experience to Genazzano FCJ College and we look forward to her beginning with us at the start of Term 3.