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Inventing A New Way To Learn

20 Jul 2017

Yr 9 'Girls Invent' Program featured in the Weekly Times


Genazzano Year 9 students have the chance to participate in a unique entrepreneurial program called Girls Invent.

As part of the National Innovation agenda, the Girls Invent workshops, run by Dr Mark Glazebrook, inspire students to bring a business or social enterprise idea to life.

Using examples of successful inventions created by women as a starting point, the program encourages girls to use an “ideation framework” to clarify ideas they already have, or generate new ideas.

Students then turn their ideas into reality, undertaking design, feasibility studies and market research. They also investigate intellectual property rights, resources and possible routes to market.

This opportunity to engage with the corporate world gives the girls a chance to be independent and inquisitive learners, and enhance skills developed during the Year 9 program.

Students Naomi Lee and Anna Lewis participated in the program and created a housing concept to help homeless people.

“Our INSTA-house concept converts shipping containers into portable housing for those in need,” Naomi and Anna said. “This is ideal for those who have either lost their house or don’t have a house, or could be used to provide accommodation for asylum seekers in refugee camps.

“Throughout the duration of this program we have learnt to be organised and to think outside the box. We learnt about market research, using different research tools like Google patents, and specific legal advice.

“We also learnt how to work independently, sourcing companies for quotes on shipping containers and getting quotes from tradesman to fit out the dwellings.”

The learning and teaching programs at Genazzano FCJ College are designed to give students the opportunity to grow, develop, and excel. Students are encouraged to be confident and allow their passion for learning to grow and develop at every opportunity.

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