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Lending A Helping Hand For ‘Schoolies’

03 Mar 2016

After graduating from Genazzano FCJ College in 2015, Marielle Salom chose to celebrate finishing school by volunteering, rather than going to a Schoolies week event.

She chose to volunteer at a school in an Indigenous community, in Beagle Bay, near Broome in Western Australia. Marielle has said that volunteering has given her a great experience.

"I want to encourage Australians, particularly school leavers, to choose volunteering in Indigenous communities over the annual Schoolies," she said. "I saw it as an opportunity to give something back. I helped out with the school's Christmas concert, worked as a teacher's aid and spent a lot of time with students during recess and lunch."

Marielle is passionate about spreading this message of giving back to the community; particularly to older students making a decision on 'Schoolies'.

Article adapted from Progress Leader, 23 February 2016