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Outstanding Alumna Award

11 Aug 2016

Congratulations the 2016 Genazzano Outstanding Alumna Award recipient, Jane Kennedy (1982). She was honoured for her outstanding dedication and commitment to the film and television industry on Wednesday 10 August at the Awards Evening and again at the College Assembly on Thursday 11 August.

As a member of the D-Generation and Working Dog Productions, Jane has made a remarkable contribution to Australia’s cultural landscape, with a CV that includes TV shows Frontline and The Panel, along with movies The Dish and, of course, The Castle.

“We were just making a film about a happy family that was facing some hard life issues. I think people from all walks of life could relate to it. To watch the success of that film has undoubtedly been a highlight of my career.”

Performing is at the centre of Kennedy’s reflections on her school days, which began in 1970 as a prep student.

“Drama was a really big part of my life at school. We would do concerts that were a bit funny and silly. On reflection, I can see that taking risks was encouraged. The only job I’ve ever known is in the entertainment business and it really did evolve from school.”

She enthusiastically offers words of encouragement for the girls who are fortunate to be in receipt of a Genazzano education.

“Your school years are gone so fast, even though you don’t think it at the time. Savour being a schoolgirl. In the big wide world, you’re a grown-up and everything changes. So have a go, sign up for clubs and find your mojo. The school is on your side, it wants to make you the best you can become.”