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Preparation for Exams

20 May 2019

With mid-year exams coming up, it’s timely for parents and students to consider putting some strategies in place to keep stress levels low and to help our students achieve their best. Some students worry about assessments and this can have a detrimental effect on their performance and their wellbeing. Below are some tips to implement to support a stress-free and positive exam experience.

  • Create a study plan for the following week. Look at what’s coming up and schedule appropriate and reasonable study time. Write down what you will achieve in each study block.

  • Factor in break times. Perhaps 30 minutes of study and ten minutes’ break, or maybe 50 minutes/10 minutes. The break should be quite different to the study to let your mind relax, e.g.; walk in the garden, play with a pet, have a shower.

  • Exercise each day – even if it’s just to walk an extra tram stop. Exercise improves blood flow and helps with wellbeing and brain efficiency.

  • Avoid technology if possible (including laptop study) in the hour before bed.

  • Study with mobile phone out of sight.

Ask for help – Homeroom teachers, subject teachers or Performance Psychology are all available to help. Our Performance Psychology team can be contacted via