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Top of the Class: 10 Years After School

14 Nov 2017

Recently, The Weekly Review featured Genazzano FCJ College Alumna, Laura Cantwell (2007) in their article about the lives of VCE high achievers 10 years after graduating.

Laura Cantwell

Graduated from Genazzano FCJ College with an ENTER score of 99.40

After school I wanted to …

I was never sure what exactly I wanted to do after year 12, I just knew I enjoyed mathematics, chemistry and physics. I spent most of year 12 planning to study a bachelor of pharmacy. In the end, I decided to choose engineering due to the maths involved and the ability to have a widespread impact on society. I studied a bachelor of engineering/bachelor of commerce at Monash University.

My career so far …

Since finishing school I have started my career as a structural engineer. I started as a graduate in Melbourne with Arup, a global engineering company. As a part of a team of structural engineers, I have completed the design of a 22-storey residential tower, an eight-storey commercial building, a 15-storey commercial building and upgrades to existing commercial towers in Melbourne.

I now work in Arup’s London office on a £750 million (A$1.3 billion), five-acre [two-hectare] commercial development in London.

Outside work …

I enjoy playing netball and tennis, as well as keeping fit at the gym. Through Arup’s community engagement program, I have provided pro bono structural engineering advice and have travelled to the Northern Territory to assist in construction of the project. I also enjoy travelling and exploring the world, which is especially accessible by living in London.

To me, success means …

Being proud of what you do, having a positive impact on others and leading a happy, healthy and balanced life.


Original article posted by The Weekly Review, 9 November 2017