VCE Results 2016

Congratulations to all students of the VCE Class of 2016!

Genazzano FCJ College students received the following results:

The median ATAR was 85.5, the median study score was 35 and the study scores greater than 40 was 23%.

This year, we have two students as our College Duces, Amy Catanzariti and Jacinta Ryan. Amy and Jacinta attained an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank of 99.85. Along with Amy and Jacinta, the highest academic achievements attained in 2016 were the following: Samantha Pereira (99.7), Lauren Lambrineas (99.55), Lorena Stents (99.55), Emily Zdilar (99.25), Amelia Costigan (99.1), Sophia Di Mattina (99), Gabriella Morgan (98.65), Melanie James (98.6), Wen Liu (98.6), Rachael Kay (98.1), Amelia Lewis (98.1), Emily Sheehan (98.05), Stephanie Zago (98). 

Visit VCE High Achievers for more information.

Perfect study scores of 50 were attained by the following students: Angee Liu for Biology, Emily Zdilar and Amelia Costigan for English, Erin A’Hearn, Emma Barham, Cara O’Brien, Lily Pappas, Gemma Steedman and Amelia Lewis for Health and Human Development.

We are very proud of the achievements of all our students. I extend my gratitude to our Year 12 teachers and wider College community for guiding and supporting our students this year. It continues to be a team effort and an important partnership of students, parents, teachers and support staff working together.

This is a time of great celebration of all achievements, both personal and as a community. We extend our blessings and best wishes to each and every student of the class of 2016 – may you continue to demonstrate a passion for life, a love of learning and the courage and the confidence to lead and to serve others.

Karen Jebb