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House System

130 years

The Genazzano House System fosters a spirit of loyalty and collaboration and offer students participation in:

  • Swimming

  • Athletics

  • Cross-country

  • Genazzano Day 

The six Genazzano Houses are named after distinguished women who made a significant contribution to the College.


Red - Mrs Ellen Corry, first boarder and first President of Old Girls’ Association (now Alumnae Association).


Royal Blue - Marie Madeleine d'Houet, foundress of FCJ Sisters.


Magenta - Mother Philomena Douglas, Principal of Genazzano 1932–1958.


Green - Mother Gerda Prytz, first Genazzano pupil to enter FCJ Order.


Gold - Mother Stanislaus Stock, first Principal of Genazzano, 1889–1914.


White - Miss Mary Winter, honoured past pupil; the College Prize for Loyalty is still given in her honour.