Exchanges & Tours – The Timor Leste Immersion

As part of Genazzano’s commitment to teaching students the importance of social justice, the Timor Leste Immersion was developed to further enhance student’s engagement with communities beyond the parameters of the classroom. While Gen girls are very conscious of supporting the needs of others, they are also aware of the importance of firsthand experience in societies and cultures different from their own.

Without the empathy and compassion that follows from such an experience, there can be no real genuine dialogue and compassion of one culture for another.

The Immersion

Each year, selected Year 10 and 11 students are exposed to a way of life vastly different from their own, in a country less than one hour away by plane from Darwin. All students spend a fortnight experiencing the hopes as well as the social, political and spiritual challenges faced by our Timor Leste neighbours. Upon returning, the girls spend time reflecting both individually and with other Immersion students.

Due to the profound impact visiting the schools has had, the Timor Leste Immersion students organise several fundraising activities including book and uniform drives.

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