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International Students

130 years

Genazzano welcomes international students to its caring, supportive and vibrant College community. At Genazzano, students’ dreams and aspirations are listened to and a joy of learning and discovery which addresses cognitive skills and emotional and physical development is encouraged. The College appreciates everyone’s uniqueness and strives to tailor an individual educational path for all its students.

The campus buildings are surrounded by beautiful and spacious grounds and the College’s excellent facilities provide a wide variety of educational and sporting choices.

The wider Genazzano College community works in partnership to ensure students are happy, confident and successful. This is why Genazzano women have been high achievers for over a century.

How To Apply

To apply for a place at Genazzano, all international students must submit a completed application form and copies of school reports via Australian Boarding Schools International (ABSI). ABSI will then assist families with the various stages of enrolment, which may include an online English assessment test. Based on the application form, reports and any English assessment results, Genazzano may then offer a place.

Please see below links to information on the College’s boarding facility and its international students’ publication. 

Submitting Your Application

To submit your completed application, please post or email it to:

Mrs Annie Weatherburn
Australian Boarding Schools International
GPO Box 859 Hobart
Tasmania Australia 7001 ​

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For further international enrolment information please contact Mrs Annie Weatherburn, Australian Boarding Schools International.