Primary School Swim

Head Coach Matt Welsh and his excellent team lead our exceptional Swim Program in our renovated 25m pool, creating an ideal environment for skill development and growth.

Our Primary swim program is a fun, interactive Swim safety program that is designed to foster essential swim skills in students. This program offers a chance for participants to cultivate key abilities while enjoying aquatic activities in a secure, welcoming, and closely supervised setting.

With his expert guidance, swimmers of all levels can thrive and refine their abilities. Coach Welsh’s dedication and expertise ensure that each swimmer receives personalised attention and coaching tailored to their needs. Whether your goal is to master the basics or to refine advanced techniques, our team provides the perfect combination for a successful swimming journey.

Contact Information

For Further Information on any of our available spaces, please contact us at [email protected] or (03) 8862 1004 or fill out our enquiry form below:

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