Performance Psychology

Performance Psychology at Genazzano

Genazzano provides a range of services to support the wellbeing and mental health of students. All staff at Genazzano work in partnership with parents to support the wellbeing and care of our students. A comprehensive pastoral care system for students includes homeroom (and classroom) teachers, Team Leaders and the staff of Performance Psychology. The College also has a broad wellbeing program, GenSTAR, which aims to educate students in age-appropriate issues to maintain optimum wellbeing. For those individual students in need of specific intervention, the Performance Psychology Centre offers supportive counselling, mental health assessment and treatment and educational assessment.

Professional Services

At Genazzano, the mental health care of our students is supported by our team of psychologists in Performance Psychology. Any student can access the services, which include:

  • Supportive confidential counselling
  • Mental health assessment
  • Mental health treatment
  • Referral to external health care providers

Performance Psychology also supports the educational progress of students by working closely with Learning Enhancement and providing expert assessment and advice in giftedness, learning difficulties/disabilities and other issues that impact on educational success. The team provides:

  • Educational assessment
  • Cognitive assessment
  • Case management and liaison with other professionals

The team of psychologists in Performance Psychology Centre offers expert psychological services to support the wellbeing, mental health and educational progress of our students.

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