Music at Genazzano forms an important part of the holistic education and cultural experience of our students. The College has always had a strong tradition of musical excellence. Through individual training and ensemble playing, students have been known to enjoy and excel not only in music but in many other areas of College life.

Learning an instrument enhances:

  • Musical and creative skills
  • Commitment, critical assessment, communication, time management
  • Significant differences in learning
  • Enjoyment and achievement.

The Program

An extensive and varied music education program from Prep to Year 12 allows all students to explore their special interests and develop their talents. The program offers:

  • Classroom music, as part of academic curriculum
  • Private instrumental lessons
  • Co-curricular music activities and groups.


Classroom music is offered as part of the curriculum from Prep to Year 8.

For Years 4 to 6, a compulsory group instrumental program for strings, woodwind, brass or percussion is undertaken. Orff instruments are also used as developmental tools.

Music is a compulsory subject in Years 7 and 8, and is offered as an elective from Year 9.

At a VCE level, we offer the following courses:

  • Music Style and Composition
  • Music Performance
  • Music Investigation.

Individual Tuition

Music lessons are an important part of the overall education provided to students and our aim is to enrich the lives of young people through the love and passion for music and instrumental practice.

Individual tuition is offered in:

  • pianoforte
  • voice
  • all string instruments
  • all brass instruments
  • all wind instruments
  • all percussion instruments
  • all contemporary instruments


Genazzano also offers a wide range of musical co-curricular activities available to students at all year levels. Visit the Arts co-curricular page to learn more about the College’s co-curricular music activities.

Performances and Camps

Throughout the year, Genazzano holds various concerts and recitals. Students are also frequently asked to perform at venues outside the College and take part in a range of competitions.

The opportunity to attend music camp provides access to specialist teachers and is a valuable extension of the students’ musical experience.

Genazzano Instrumental Music Tuition 2024

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Music Moments

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