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Design Your Future

Studio Beyond is Genazzano College’s Innovative Education Hub offering flexible personalised learning programs to get students to where they want to go. Whether the goal is University, Internship, Work or Study, Studio Beyond offers a program with tailored learning and professional support.

Every Learner is Unique

Learners are diverse and we support the individual to pursue their goals. Each student is supported with nextGEN DISCOVERY course and career planning to determine a program that will offer the greatest opportunities in skills development, experiences and pathways. Learners can choose to focus on deep learning aligned with their own interests and goals. Learners take on challenges, develop skills and engage in practical learning opportunities including internships, short courses, service opportunities and real world projects. 

Studio Beyond programs also supports traditional pathway choices – such as VCE, VET or Accelerated Studies.  Students can access mentoring and choose to add GEN.i.US Microcredentials, internships or projects to enhance their learning.

Sample Programs:

A: VCE English and Music Performance, Internship in Stage Production; Microcredental in Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking

B: Sport Coaching Microcredential; Sport Internship; Project with industry partner- sportswear design for comfort and performance

C: VCE English, Maths, Media Studies, Microcredentials in Artificial Intelligence and Design Thinking

D: Personalised English Program; Internship – Customer Service; Corporate Skills Microcredential: Public Speaking, Personal Presentation & Professional Communication

Let’s Get Started

  • Personalised Program: your passions, your timetable, your choice
  • Centres of Excellence: build skills and expertise in areas of Sports, Global studies or Enterprise, Design and Innovation or Creative Industries
  • Choose from subjects, folio work, internships, experiences and Microcredentials
  • Learning Mentors help you progress
  • Build a Learning Transcript evidencing your core learning and extension studies, and a digital Professional Folio to showcase your capabilities and experience

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