Studio Beyond: Personalised Learning

Personalised Learning – beyond traditional school

Design your Future

Studio Beyond is Genazzano College’s Innovative Education Hub offering flexible personalised learning programs to get students to where they want to go. Whether the goal is university, an internship, work or study, Studio Beyond offers a program with tailored learning and professional support.

Every Learner is Unique

Learners are diverse, and we support everyone in pursuing their goals and experiencing growth. Each student is supported by our nextGEN Careers team to determine a program that will offer the greatest opportunities in skills development, experiences, and diverse pathways. Learners can choose to focus on deep learning aligned with their own interests and goals or take on challenges, develop skills and engage in practical learning opportunities, including internships, short courses, service opportunities and real-world projects. The choice is yours. internships or projects to enhance their learning.

What does Studio Beyond offer? 

Personalised & Flexible learning

Students can choose courses and programs that suit their interests, ambitions, or goals. Our team will work with students to design a program that suits them and how they learn best. 

Increased student choice and pathways

VCE subjects * VET * VCE Vocational Major Internships * Folio Development *Microcredentials * *Elite Programs * University extension * Career and Course Mentoring * Professional Portfolio *Community engagement *Personal Development and more.

Flexible timetable & attendance.

Students can work around commitments like employment, external programs, or appointments. We will work with them to create and plan their future pathways. 

Support and Mentoring

The Studio Beyond team will support students every step of the way and guide them through whatever bumps or turns they encounter on the journey. We have specialist course managers to ensure unique programs provide students with the learning opportunities they need to thrive beyond school.   


Do I have to attend all day every day?

No. Your timetable will be designed with you and your parents or guardian to accommodate your program needs. You will be expected to attend when you are scheduled to be here. Each student’s program is tailored to them on a case-by-case basis.

I am enrolled in an elite sports/arts program. How will this work with Studio Beyond?

Studio Beyond will work around your extension or specialist programs. Your commitments outside school will be factored into your personalised program.

I have had some challenges with the traditional learning structures… will Studio Beyond be different?

Yes. Studio Beyond is designed to work with you and your learning needs, interests and goals. Talk to us about what model will work best for you.

Can I attend some classes online?

Yes. There are options to access classes or receive mentoring online

I only want to study two subjects and develop a folio – is this OK?

At Studio Beyond, study loads are flexible and are co-created with the student. We will work with you to ensure you have the pathway and requisite subjects you need to get you to where you want to study or work.


Can I complete my VCE or other learning part-time?

Yes. You can design a program that allows you to complete your learning part-time, for example, a VCE or VCE VM over three years instead of two.

Will I gain a VCE certificate or ATAR with this model?

Yes and No. It depends on your chosen Pathway. Our team will work with you to ensure you have the right subjects and support to allow you to attain a suitable university pathway or ATAR if that is what you require. You can opt to go Unscored with no ATAR or complete the VCE Vocational Major, for example.

Can I participate in sports or co-curricular?

Genazzano offers a range of sporting, performing arts and co-curricular programs. You may choose to join sports, choir, drama, or other areas that interest you. This can all be part of your learning program.

What are the fees?

Studio Beyond students are enrolled as students of Genazzano FCJ College and adhere to the school’s enrolment procedures and policies as found on the website. Fees will be pro-rata if part-time study or extended study options are chosen.

Where is Studio Beyond?

In 2023, Studio Beyond will take pride of place in a specially designed, innovative learning hub. With flexible learning nooks, spaces for collaboration or individual exploration, each student can find the niche they require when needed.

Will I be part of a community at Studio Beyond?

Yes. At Studio Beyond, respectful relationships are paramount, and all students have different expectations, hopes and dreams. There will be scheduled social and community events where students and staff at Studio Beyond can come together or choose to participate in other ways. Everyone will be valued for who they are.

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