Online Learning

Genazzano provides a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS), GenConnect at the College where our teachers have existing courses developed and posted online. This pool of resources was extended during 2020 and 2021 as part of the College’s Learning at a Distance Program to embrace a different way of learning and support students while they learnt from home. 

The College also maintains a licence for the Zoom Conferencing platform so teachers can engage personally in their classes and students with their classmates when learning remotely. 

Also available is an online library where students can access an extensive list of ebooks and other online resources when learning at a distance or to supplement their studies. These resources cater for all year levels from ELC through to Year 12 and include subscriptions like Sora, Storybox Library, World Book and ClickView. 

The GenConnect LMS is also used as a communications tool, allowing parents, teachers and students to share and receive information in a timely manner but also, most importantly, for them to stay connected. 

In addition, the school wellbeing team and homeroom teachers have developed a Learning at a Distance Framework to keep in touch with students and parents daily and provide the support they need. This is backed up by a team of education psychologists who offer a variety of resources to students (and parents) to help manage their health and wellbeing.  

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