VCE Results – Celebrating Academic Excellence

Celebrating the VCE Class of 2022!

At Genazzano FCJ College we pride ourselves on providing a holistic education for students, one that allows them to become well-rounded women who are ready to take on tomorrow. We recognise that a single score never fully defines our success. We believe that every girl has the potential to make her mark on the world; and we empower our students to become change makers, to choose their own futures and to transform the world by taking action and advocating for social change. Congratulations to the entire cohort for their ongoing commitment, collaboration, courage and confidence to complete their VCE studies during such turbulent times.
Emma O’Brien, has been awarded College Dux 2022 with an outstanding ATAR rank of 99.95 and received a perfect score of 50 in Mathematical Methods. She is only one of 8 female students in the state to achieve this remarkable result.

Overall, the median ATAR was 87.2. 5.4% of students were in the top 1% of the state, and 40.2% of students achieved an ATAR above 90. Congratulations to the following students who also achieved an ATAR over 99: Alessandra Flynn 99.75, Siqi (Stephanie) Wu 99.6, Olivia Branagan 99.35, Aria Linnane 99.35, and Vanessa Tan 99.15.
Our class of 2022 attained five perfect study scores as part of their outstanding commitment during their VCE journey. The attitude and determination of the graduating class is reflective of what it means to be a Genazzano student – someone who remains positive, and focused, approaches challenges head-on, has the courage to ask for help, works with their class and team, and has the confidence to keep going. These results acknowledge the efforts of our community which has supported these young women in their final two years of schooling. Parents, carers, teachers and school leaders, have all played valuable roles in supporting these students during their VCE studies.
Congratulations to the Class of 2022 – I am so proud of you. I am certain that as you venture into the world, you will remain, at your core, a Gen Girl, taking with you the values you know and cherish that have become more than just words, but part of your lives and way of being. Like companionship, hope, justice, gentleness, dignity, excellence, faithfulness, courage, and confidence.
To the Class of 2022, I hope you will remember the words of the parents, staff, and students who you have worked closely with – their advice does not end today but will be with you forever. As you progress on your journey, go forward, prepared to experience your future and shape it. Be a leader in your chosen profession and change the world.

At Genazzano, we encourage students to leverage their strengths and talents and excel in new and diverse ways. Our inclusive, non-selective environment allows girls to grow personally and academically and develop the life skills they need to succeed beyond school.

2022 VCE results

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