The Arts

At Genazzano, students can be a part of a renowned and extensive co-curricular program that caters for a variety of activities in various aspects of art, dance, drama, music and photography.



GenProductions is an ideal opportunity for those students interested in the technology of performance and all things backstage. Lighting, sound design and operation, set and props design and construction, make-up, costume, backstage assistance and publicity and promotions are all areas that will be learned and applied in this activity.

Speech and Drama

Students in Years 5-12 can take part in Speech and Drama classes that cater for both beginners and experienced students.


Music at Genazzano offers a wide range of co-curricular programs. Each ensemble or group is specially designed to cater for students with various playing abilities.

Most groups are showcased in our annual music concert at Hamer Hall and performance opportunities are offered to each ensemble through various in-house concerts and assemblies. The following are available:

  • choirs
  • flute ensembles
  • string ensembles
  • brass ensembles
  • stage band
  • symphonic band
  • concert band
  • big band
  • symphony orchestra
  • clarinet ensemble
  • percussion ensemble

The yearly College Musical with Xavier College is always a much sought after event to be a part of, which students from Years 10 to 12 can audition for.

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