GenSTAR / Wellbeing Program

GenSTAR Wellbeing Program

GenSTAR is a whole school wellbeing program that enables students to develop resilience, think for peak performance, and develop skills for a safe, healthy and positive approach to life. The program is sequenced to ensure that it is appropriate for students’ age and stage of development. 

Students at all levels, from the Early Years through to Year 12, participate in the GenSTAR program fortnightly. The program draws on the topics identified in the National Wellbeing Framework of:

  • Building Positive Relationships
  • Protecting Against Bullying
  • Healthy Mind and Body
  • Being Safe Online
  • Safe and Responsible Choices
  • Respecting Diversity

In addition, GenSTAR provides education in the areas of:

  • Performance Psychology
  • My Place in the World and Beyond
  • FCJ Charism, and 
  • Study Skills

Each year level focuses on one or two of these topics with other topics being included at age-appropriate levels to address current issues for our students and respond to their needs. This proactive and preventative program provides all our students with the skills they need to be successful and flourish

Health Centre

The Health Centre at Genazzano is a comfortable and well equipped area where students and staff are welcome to come for assistance if they are unwell or have had an injury or accident. We promote an open-door approach where the student’s wellbeing is a priority.

The Centre is staffed by a registered nurse and is well supported by staff that have accreditation in senior first aid, anaphylaxis management and asthma first aid management. Staff receive regular updates and training to assist with students with health needs, and the College has strict guidelines and policy regarding these more serious health issues.

Parents and students are encouraged to seek advice from the College nurse on any health management concerns or to plan care for a student who may be recovering from a prolonged illness or injury.

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