Student Pathways & Careers

At Genazzano, each individual student is encouraged to be aspirational in her career goals. Participation in lifelong learning that supports these career goals is facilitated via a range of programs, from Years 7-12. The Career Development Program allows students to discover their potential, explore their career interests and link their learning to future success in life.

It is based on five principles:

  1. Change is constant – embrace it
  2. Learning is ongoing
  3. Focus on the journey
  4. Know yourself, believe in yourself and follow your heart
  5. Access your allies.

Our Service

The Careers Department at Genazzano adheres to the code of ethics of the Career Industry Council of Australia and provides a comprehensive career development program that supports students and their families from Years 7-12 and beyond.

Some aspects of the service include:

  • Career counselling
  • Vocational career assessments
  • Work experience in Year 10
  • Occupation research skills
  • Job application and interview preparation
  • Career expos and career days
  • Guest speakers from industry and the education/training sectors
  • Subject selection assistance in Years 8-12
  • VTAC and tertiary application assistance
  • Life and career management skills
  • GenSTAR sessions
  • Year 9 Careers program includes: resume writing, mock interviews, work experience preparation and financial independence.

Resources & Programs

Our experienced and qualified career development team provides and manages programs and resources for students and their parents.

All Students from Year 7-12
  • Career Development program delivered through GenSTAR.
  • Guest speakers and tertiary course sessions.
  • Individual careers counselling by request.
  • Subject selection and careers expo evening (Years 8-12).
  • VE&T applications and support for work placements (Years 10-12).
  • Careers website for student and parent research and document access (Years 7-12).
  • Resume preparation and mock interviews (Years 10-12).
  • Fortnightly Careers newsletter for students (Years 10-12).
Year 9-10
  • Career Development Immersion Week – all Year 9s participate in this interactive participation program covering work preparation, financial independence and career planning.
  • Career-wise vocational assessments and feedback information evenings (Year 10).
  • Compulsory work experience for Year 10 students.
  • Year 10 Careers Day.
  • Individual subject selection interviews into VCE.
  • Compulsory individual interviews for Year 12 students.
  • Gap year sessions.
  • Lunchtime group counselling and information sessions.
  • Change-of-subject interviews (Year 11).
  • VTAC application support and assistance (Year 12).
  • Assistance with interstate and overseas applications (Year 12).
  • UMAT preparation.
  • Industry presentation.
  • Change of preference support for university applications.
  • Parent information evenings discussing the Middle Years, Year 9, VCE and VTAC.
  • Careers website for parent research and document access.
  • Further support to parents by email, telephone, interviews and newsletters.

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