Early Learning (ELC)

The Early Childhood Experience at Genazzano

During early childhood, children experience more rapid brain development and acquire more skills and knowledge than in any other period of their lives. They are engaged in rich and meaningful experiences and learn through their ability to touch, manipulate and experiment; by being actively involved with materials, new ideas and through interactions with others.

Our ELC is a place of wonder, where children can be observed deeply engaged in learning that stimulates, challenges and provokes their thinking, curiosity and inquiring minds. The valued partnership with families and our ELC team supports each child to gain a greater understanding of themselves and their world; becoming competent, compassionate and community-minded young citizens.

Young children develop skills that enable them to be creative and resilient thinkers

Children who belong to the ELC at Genazzano are welcomed into a learning community that:

  • Builds secure, trusting relationships with every child
  • Recognises the importance of listening to children
  • Values reflection for a balanced life 
  • Captures the heart of play and learning 
  • Uncovers the creativity in each child.

The Program

Our ELC provides choice for families, while considering the benefits for children in attendance that reinforces the acquisition of skills for life and learning. You may select to attend either two, three or five days for ELC3, whilst ELC4 offers either three, four or five days. Before and after school care is also available.

All programs are different, as they are planned around the individual strengths, interests and needs of each child, whilst viewing the group as a whole community. Our programs differ from others as the children’s unique qualities bring a distinctive flavour to the year’s experiences.

We know children learn best in an environment which supports feeling safe, secure and offers predictable happenings. The ELC program follows a daily schedule or routine, offering a balance between the following types of activities:

  • Active and quiet times
  • Large and small group activities, time to play alone and with others
  • Relaxed informal gatherings and formal group times
  • Indoor and outdoor program times
  • Time for children to select their own activities and time for teacher-directed activities.

Our educational experiences are enhanced by a range of specialist programs. These include:

  • Languages
  • Library
  • Music
  • Creative arts.

Entry Requirements 

The Early Learning Centre is co-educational and accepts both boys and girls. Your child must be 3 years of age on or before 30 April to be eligible to attend 3-year-old kindergarten in that year. If you enrol early, your child’s place will be held until they turn 3 years old and fees will only apply once they can start attending. If your child is born between 1 January and 30 April, your child can begin 3-year-old kindergarten in the year they turn 3 or 4.

Progression to the four-year-old program in the ELC and Prep will be based on the College enrolment policy and then on the date of initial application for the three-year-old program. Preference is given to those who intend continuing their child’s education at Genazzano.

The Victorian Government introduced its Vaccination legislation commonly known as ‘no jab, no play’, effective as of 1 January 2016. This legal requirement means that no child will be admitted to a child care, pre-school or kindergarten without having been vaccinated. An updated copy of your child’s immunisation is to be included with the Enrolment Application and any updated certificate provided again at the time of a request for enrolment interview.

Genazzano_ELC Handbook 2023

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ELC Enrolment Policy

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Genazzano’s Five Points of Difference

At the Genazzano ELC, we recognise that excellence in early education and learning is transformative. This is what we continue to create in the ELC and defines our differences.


At Genazzano, we value each child for who they are. This is especially important in the Early Learning Centre where it is fundamental to us that every child experiences nurturing and caring relationships. We welcome the differences in interests, development, personality and ability that every child brings and we respect that families and parenting styles are as different as each child. Our approach, supported by the FCJ framework, enables us to know and understand each child.


The Early Learning Centre at Genazzano promotes imagination and curiosity through tinkering and Loose Parts Play. When you allow a child to take something apart, it nourishes their interest with feelings of confidence and discovery. Tinkering teaches children valuable lessons by helping develop fine motor skills, problem solving abilities and peer relationships. Our educators construct purposeful learning situations that encourage each child to explore hands on and real life learning.


Our ELC to Year 12 GenSTAR Program supports every aspect of a child’s development including learning, school readiness and cognitive and language development. Our qualified team of psychologists support children to learn how to manage opportunities and challenges and build their coping skills to support their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing now and into the future.


We challenge our children to think critically about their place in the world. Our Nature Play Program teaches them to think and act sustainably. As part of this program they engage in hands on garden to table practices in our edible garden and learn about biodiversity, indigenous gardening, ecosystems and other sustainable practices.


We empower children through a thoughtful and intentional approach that encourages them to contribute and participate. When they experience their opinion or choice being honoured it has a major impact on their learning, as they see themselves as someone who’s views and opinions matter.

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