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Friends of Hopetoun Hall

130 years

Friends of Hopetoun Hall was established in 2013 to help provide a network of support for Genazzano boarders. This parent led community is an important component in the life of a boarder, enabling families from across the country, and indeed the globe, to connect.

The highlight of the boarding calendar is the Friends of Hopetoun Hall Annual Mass and luncheon which is a wonderful opportunity to reflect and give thanks, and to celebrate the achievements of the boarding students. This is an especially lovely occasion to welcome new families to our boarding community.

Friends of Hopetoun Hall hold regular gatherings throughout the year, keep families up to date with activities and provide many other opportunities to share their experiences. Additionally, the College Development Team host events in rural Victoria and New South Wales which provide an opportunity for prospective families to meet current and past families and obtain valuable insights into the Genazzano boarding program.

Genazzano boarders and their families feel part of a wider network of supporters through Friends of Hopetoun Hall and this community is a natural extension of the welcoming and engaged environment at Gen.