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130 years

Starting from 2022, Genazzano FCJ College will bring these Learn to Swim classes into our own aquatics program, enabling the full end to end delivery of swimming lessons, from beginner through to national squad level, to the broader community.

Please email [email protected] to register or find out more. 

GenSwim offers a wide range of programs to suit swimmers from two years of age through to adults. The program aims to provide swimmers with sound stroke technique and survival skills while striving to make every lesson enjoyable and encouraging a real love for the sport. As a result, GenSwim has incorporated the Life Saving Victoria guidelines into its Learn to Swim program.

Program Days

In accordance with the Victorian school dates, we run a Learn to Swim program on the following days:

Tuesday to Thursday, 4.00pm - 6.00pm 

Swim School Levels

Learn to Swim (3 years old +)
Starfish Beginner 

Maximum four swimmers.

Stroke Development:

  • Blow bubbles and submerge with confidence

  • Swirl water with hands – basic sculling action

  • 10 sec back float with backpack & stand up

  • Kick on front face down with backpack

  • Kick on back arms by side with backpack

Water Safety:

  • Demonstrate a safe entry with confidence

  • Exit the water unassisted

  • Jump in, resurface, turn & paddle to wall with floaties

  • 30 seconds treading water

Starfish Intermediate

Maximum four swimmers.

Stroke Development:

  • Demonstrate a one arm scull

  • Swordfish (streamlined glide)

  • 10m Freestyle kick

  • Torpedo and Facedown Freestyle (4 strokes)

  • 10 sec back float & stand up

  • 10m Backstroke kick

  • Backstroke with backpack

  • Sitting dive

Water Safety:

  • Jump in, resurface, turn & paddle to wall 

  • 1 minute treading water

  • Duck dive and retrieve object in shallow water

Starfish Advanced

Maximum four swimmers.

Stroke Development:

  • Sit on bottom of pool & exhale through nose

  • 10m Torpedo 

  • 15m head first scull on back

  • 25m Freestyle 

  • 25m Backstroke 

  • Kneeling dive

Water Safety:

  • 1.4m duck dive 

  • 1 minute survival sequence

  • Rotate from front to back & back to front

Seahorse Beginner

Maximum four swimmers.

Stroke Development:

  • 15m Torpedo

  • 25m streamlined Backstroke kick 

  • 50m Freestyle 

  • 50m Backstroke 

  • Single hand touch turn

  • Standing dive

Water Safety:

  • 25m Survival Backstroke

  • 2 minute survival sequence

Seahorse Intermediate

Maximum four swimmers.

Stroke Development:

  • 12.5m Butterfly kick

  • 25m Torpedo

  • 25m Breaststroke kick

  • 75m Backstroke

  • 100m Freestyle with bi-lateral breathing

  • Double hand touch turn

  • Forward  somersault

  • Dive with streamline kick to surface

Water Safety:

  • 3 minute survival sequence

Seahorse Advanced

Maximum six swimmers.

Stroke Development:

  • 25m Butterfly

  • 50m Breaststroke

  • 100m Backstroke

  • 250m Freestyle

  • 25m – 6 FS strokes & forward somersault

Water Safety:

  • 5 minute survival sequence

  • Reach rescue

  • Water safety project

Dolphin (Junior Squad Beginner)

Maximum eight swimmers.

Stroke Development:

  • 100m Individual Medley

  • 400m Freestyle

  • 25m – 6 BK strokes & forward somersault

  • Medley touch turns

Water Safety:

  • 15 minute survival sequence with clothes on

Dolphin (Junior Squad Intermediate)

Maximum eight swimmers.

Stroke Development:

  • 50m Butterfly

  • 1km Freestyle

  • Freestyle tumble turn

  • Backstroke tumble turn

Water Safety:

  • Throw rescue

  • 150m survival swim with clothes on

Dolphin (Junior Squad Advanced)

Maximum eight swimmers.

Stroke Development:

  • 4 x 25m Butterfly

  • 200m Individual Medley

  • 1.5km Freestyle

Water Safety:

  • 250m survival swim with clothes on


Our Instructors

All of our instructors are Austswim accredited to ensure that we can cater for your needs. We pride ourselves on our friendly and caring nature as well as our passion for swimming and coaching our students to success. We have purposefully created small class sizes to ensure you or your child feel confident in the water.

We have a number of instructors who are also qualified to teach swimmers with disabilities, as well as adults, infants and competitive strokes. The majority of our instructors are also lifeguard qualified to ensure optimal safety at all times.


Learn to Swim 
30 - 40 minutes
$20 per session 

Squad (Dolphin)
60 minutes
$20 per session

Dolphin Advanced is a transition squad for swimmers who are wanting to work towards competitive swimming and prepares them for the progression to join GenAquatic.

Term fees must be paid before the commencement of the term to secure your position. We accept most forms of payment – direct deposit, cash, cheques and credit. 

  • Family discounts available*

  • Two lessons per week – 25% off the second lesson

  • Three lessons per week – 35% off the third lesson

*All members of a family must be enrolled in a GenSwim program. Discounts are based on the above session fees.

Make-up Lessons

  • Contact must be made 24 hours prior to class with the office via email (preferable) or by phone

  • The makeup lesson must be rescheduled within two weeks of the missed lesson

  • Scheduling of the make-up lesson is subject to space availability in classes of the same level

  • No make-ups will be available to children who miss a Safety Week class unless it can be organised within the same week. 

  • No credits or refunds are given.

Number of makeup lessons available per term

We allow a maximum of two make-up sessions within one term. All make up classes are to be rescheduled within the same term where a lesson was missed. While we will make every effort to accommodate your needs, we cannot guarantee the scheduling of makeup classes.

It is the parent/guardian’s obligation to contact the GenSwim office and arrange a make-up lesson for any missed lessons. GenSwim is not responsible for following up any missed classes with parents/guardians.

Please also note that we do not offer credits or refunds for missed classes.


We offer a range of goggles for children, adults and competition swimmers and a range of coloured silicone swim caps.

Child Safe Swim School

GenSwim is a Child Safe Swim School. For more information, please read the Child Safe Policy or visit the Genazzano Child Safe webpage.

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